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This category lists outstanding people who have made major contributions to the XML community and has links to their home pages. If you feel that someone is missing, who also made some important contributions, please use the "Add URL" button to suggest him/her to the editors.

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  • Tauber, James - Author and frequent speaker on XML.
  • Clark, James - Author of XSLT Working Draft, expat SGML/XML C++ parser, and XP/XT Java classes for XML/XSL parsing
  • Bray, Tim - Co-author of the XML 1.0 recommendation, now with people Textuality, writes/edits people for the magazine.
  • Dumbill, Edd - Managing Editor of, publisher of
  • Tobin, Richard - Author of RXP parser, co-author of XSV schema validator. xml Co-editor of XML Infoset specification.
  • Maloney, Murray - A member of the XML WG, a co-editor of the xml W3C XML schema Language, involved in developing WWW specifications since xml 1993. Frequent speaker and noted expert on XML and xml electronic commerce.
  • Colan, Mark - XML evangelist for IBM. Find his presentation material xml here. xml He gives technical, keynote, and customer xml presentations on Web Services xml and XML technologies and xml strategy, and has spoken at most xml XML conferences xml in 2000 and 2001..

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