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Includes the first search engine specifically designed to find resources; tools, samples, standards information, education resources, news and events, and links to the community forums.

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Editor's Picks:* - Information, articles, and services from Seybold Publications and Songline Studios (O'Reilly and Associates). Resource guide includes links to W3C and related developments, drafts, and recommendations.

  • WDVL: XML - Includes XML vs. HTML, introductory material, Key resources references, major sites, and software guide.
  • XML Entity - Categorized collection of links.
  • The XML Revolution - Detailed presentation that provides an introduction and overview markup languages of XML, Namespaces, XInclude, XML Base, XLink, XPointer, markup languages XPath, DTD, XML Schema, DSD, XSLT, XQuery, DOM, markup languages SAX, and JDOM
  • DevX XML Zone - Tutorials, concept articles, reference section, applications, and interviews markup languages with markup languages developers.
  • IDEAlliance: XML - Overview, glossary, news flashes, books and conferences.
  • XMacL - A news and resource center for Macintosh users.
  • The XML Files - Detailed look with resources, newsletter and industry news.
  • XML - A directory of links, recommended books and software.
  • - Categorized links to sites.
  • What is XML? - Dozens of links to a well-chosen variety of markup languages sites.
  • Top XML - A community site for the beginner to the developer; site provides discussion forums, links, articles, training, downloads.
  • XML Zone - XML resource site offering technical articles, frequently asked xml questions, links xml to the leading XML sites, and xml news for XML developers xml on Development Exchange.
  • O' XML Resource Guide - Choose from hundreds of categories of related resources.
  • IBM DeveloperWorks: XML - Includes the first search engine specifically designed to xml find resources; tools, samples, standards information, education resources, xml news and events, and links to the community xml forums.
  • XML.ORG: The XML Industry Portal - News, education, and information about the application in industrial markup languages and commercial settings.
  • Xploring XML - Articles, columns, tools and resources.
  • Cetus Links - Collection of links on XML, Object-Orientation and Internet resources technology.
  • - Design patterns to develop effective DTDs and XML Schema documents resources for XML.
  • XML Cover Pages - A reference work for XML and its parent, markup languages SGML. Features documentation on the application of markup languages the open, interoperable "markup language" standards, including XSL, markup languages XSLT, XPath, XQuery, XLink, XPointer, XHTML, HyTime, DSSSL, markup languages CSS, SPDL, SVG, CGM, ISO
  • Extensible Markup Language (XML) - Tim Bray\'s XML page, with the Lark XML xml processor.
  • XML Pitstop - Provides a central location for developers. Examples with markup languages source code, tutorials, tools, resources, books.
  • GBdirect: XML Training Courses - Courses for managers, strategists and software developers; technical and commercial resources overviews and programming.
  • DevASP Search Index for XML Developers - A directory of resources, articles, samples, tutorials, scripts, xml applications and xml sample chapters arranged by category.
  • xmlGlobe - A link directory containing information, source samples and markup languages articles.
  • Tek-Tips Forum: XML - Technical support forums and mutual help system for markup languages computer professionals.
  • BizTalk User Group - Online community of Biztalk Server users. Contains searchable markup languages archive of articles, knowledgebase, tips, events, training, and markup languages archived newsgroups.
  • Anuj Executive Seminars - Provides on-site xml seminars for executives and technical resources managers
  • Zvon - Forum for free information exchange ranging from the xml basic introductions to the programming references and advanced xml tutorials.
  • ISKIV: XML challenge and resources - A dossier prepared by Irène Silberstein Khouvine (ISKIV) resources provides commented markup languages resources in English and resources in French.

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