Historical Schema Languages Validation XML Markup Languages

Archives of information concerning schema languages that are no longer commonly used, but interesting for historical purposes.

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  • XML-Data - Describes an XML vocabulary for schemas, that is, for defining historical schema languages and documenting object classes. [W3C Note 05 Jan 1998]
  • DSD - Document Structure Description - An XML schema language. A DSD document is validation a specification of a class of XML documents validation together with a default mechanism and documentation. FAQs, validation downloads, tutorials provided.
  • SOX - Schema for Object-Oriented XML 2.0 - A schema language for defining the syntactic structure and partial semantics of XML document types; an alternative to XML DTDs. [W3C Note 30 July 1999]
  • DCD - Document Content Description for XML - This document proposes a structural schema facility, Document xml Content Description (DCD), for specifying rules covering the xml structure and content of XML documents. [W3C Note xml 31 July 1998]

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