vCard Personal Information Data Formats

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  • RFC 2425 - A MIME Content-Type for Directory Information - Defines a MIME Content-Type for holding directory information. personal information The definition is independent of any particular personal information directory service or protocol. The text/directory Content-Type personal information is defined for holding a variety of directory personal information information, for example, name, o
  • Mime-Dir and vCard Java API - A Java API binding of the IETF Mime-Dir and vCard data formats RFCs. Project information, bug tracking, source code, and downloads.
  • vCard: The Electronic Business Card - A whitepaper on vCard, the personal data interchange standard. (Internet Mail Consortium)
  • RFC 2426 - vCard MIME Directory Profile - Defines the profile of the MIME Content-Type for directory information personal information for a white-pages person object, based on a vCard electronic personal information business card. The profile is defined for representing and exchanging personal information a variety of information about an individual.
  • vCard Overview - Discuess features and applications of vCard. (Internet Mail Consortium)

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