BBC Acorn Emulators

The BBC series of microcomputers were designed and built by Acorn Computers Ltd in the 1980s. In 1981 the British Broadcasting Corporation were launching their Computer Literacy Project and were looking for a machine to link it with. Acorn got the contract and the machine, then known as the Proton, became the BBC Microcomputer. This category deals with the emulation of a BBC Micro or Master on a different platform, such as a PC or Apple Mac.

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See Also:
  • BBC in MESS page - Status of the BBC driver for MESS (the emulators Multiple Emulator acorn Super System).
  • The Stairway To Hell - Dedicated to BBC Micro and Acorn Electron games, emulators emulation and emulators. Reviews, scans, music, magazines, instructions, emulators documentation and an active forum.
  • BeebEm - Open source BBC Micro Models B/B+ and Master emulators 128 for Windows. Links to ports for diverse emulators platforms including Mac OS, UNIX/Linux, PlayStation Portable, and emulators Pocket PC.
  • Jon's Projects Page - Ports of the BeebEm and xbeeb emulators for emulators the BeOS emulators operating system.
  • BBC Utilities - The personal pages of Jon Welch, which contain emulators numerous Apple acorn Mac and Windows utilities to aid emulators with Acorn emulation, as acorn well as the Apple emulators Mac port of BeebEm.
  • BeebIt - A BBC emulator for RISC OS 3.00 to acorn 6.0x. Emulates Acorn BBC Model B, BBC Model acorn B+ and BBC Master 128 computers.
  • B-EM - An open source BBC Micro emulator for DOS, emulators MacOS X, and Windows. Emulates Models A, B, emulators B+, Master 128, Master Compact and variants.
  • Horizon - A freeware BBC Model B emulator for Mac Classic, MacOS X, and Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/XP with Direct X installed.
  • model-b - An open source BBC Micro Model B and bbc B+ emulator emulators for Windows.
  • Educational Beeb Games - Focuses on educational software for the BBC Micro bbc with downloads, bbc reviews and instructions.
  • Retro computing: BBC Backup and File Transfer - Methods and programs for transferring files between a emulators BBC Micro acorn and a PC and working with emulators emulator disk images.

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