Apple II

Covers emulation of the Apple ][ series of computer, for instance Apple II+, IIc, IIgs et.c.

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See Also:
  • OSXII - A freeware //e emulator for Mac OS X emulators utilizing Cocoa apple ii and OpenGL.
  • Linapple - Open source emulator for Linux.
  • KEGS - Kent's Emulated GS - An Apple IIgs emulator for Linux, Unix/X11, Win32 and Mac apple OS X. Source code is available.
  • Virtual ][ - A shareware ][, ][+, and //e emulator for apple ii MacOS X.
  • AppleWin - An open source Apple //e emulator for Windows.
  • Bernie ][ The Rescue - An Apple IIgs emulator for Power Macintosh.
  • PalmApple - An Apple II emulator in development for the apple Palm OS.
  • PsiApple - An Apple ][+ emulator for the Psion Series apple ii 5 apple ii palmtop.
  • AppleCE - An Apple II emulator for Windows CE-based Pocket PC devices.
  • Apple II Oasis - A shareware Apple //e emulator for Windows. emulators Includes a disk image manager and an Apple emulators II to PC data transfer utility.
  • AppleUni - An Apple ][+ emulator for DOS.
  • casaGS - Site hosting the Apple IIgs emulators XGS-DOS for MS-DOS and apple KEGS-OSX for Mac OS X.
  • Rich Skrenta's Apple II emulator in C - The C source for an Apple II emulator.
  • Catakig - Mac-hosted emulator of the Apple ][, ][+, and //e. Rationale, screenshots and downloads.
  • ActiveGS - An ActiveX-based Apple IIgs emulator created by members of the Free Tools Association. Also, FTA demos, games and tools that run in the emulator.
  • iGS-Mac - An Apple IIgs emulator for PowerPC and higher-end emulators 68K Macintoshes. emulators Based on XGS and formerly emulators known as XGS-Mac.
  • Dapple Emulator Series - Features Dapple and NDapple, two open source ][, ][+, and apple ii 64K //e emulators for DOS, and Dapple2 an open source apple ii 128K //e emulator for DOS.
  • KEGS/SDL - A version of the KEGS Apple IIgs emulator that uses the cross-platform SDL multimedia library.
  • Sara - Preliminary version of an Apple /// emulator for apple Macintosh.
  • Applelet - An Apple ][ emulator written in Java.
  • KEGS32 - An Apple IIgs emulator for Win32 based on KEGS.
  • Twoapple - Open source emulator for Linux written in the emulators D programming emulators language.

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