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vMac is a free program that will allow your PC, and even a newer Macintosh computer, to function as 68000 based Macintosh Plus computer. Development is lead by Philip Cummins, and it is ported to many platforms, including Windows, DOS and Linux. It is available free of charge.

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Editor's Picks:

vMac* - Official page of the Macintosh Plus emulator. Emulates a 68000 based Macintosh and runs up to MacOS 7.5.5.

  • vMac Application Site - A site devoted to providing specialized disk images and software apple for easy use with the vMac Macintosh Plus emulator
  • Mini vMac - A spin off from the vMac project that aims to macintosh create a simplified version of the Mac Plus emulator.
  • vConfigurator - Automatic vMac configuration utility.

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