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Digital media training center in Burbank, California, offering courses in nonlinear film, video and audio editing, 3D animation, DVD production, streaming video, and digital imaging.

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  • New Media Technology College - NMTC provides a wide range of accredited classroom-based animation and e-learning professional education training programs in new media production. animation Produces and broadcasts short professional education live-action and animated films.
  • Media Design School - School specializing in web design, 3D-computer animation, computer professional education graphic design, advertising, multimedia, digital video production and professional education e-commerce training.
  • Mesmer Animation Labs - Training center specializing in cutting-edge tools for graphics, animation animation, and animation special effects.
  • Video Symphony - Digital media training center in Burbank, California, offering professional education courses in nonlinear film, video and audio editing, professional education 3D animation, DVD production, streaming video, and digital professional education imaging.
  • Gnomon School of 3D Visual Effects - 3D animation and visual effects training facility.
  • The Academy of Digital Animation - Develop skills in preproduction, story telling, character animation, professional education animation programming, technical direction and render management working professional education alongside experienced industry artists.
  • University of Advancing Technology - The UACT Game Art and Animation degree emphasis graphics will provide students with the skills necessary to graphics obtain entry-level positions in the gaming, Internet, film graphics and broadcast industries.
  • Visualization, Imaging and Animation Lab - Ball State University facility for computer animation and animation imaging curricula, graphics employing non traditional teaching approaches.
  • 3DMirage - Provides project-based training programs, conducted in a simulated professional education production graphics environment. These specialized workshops and seminars are professional education for professional graphics animators as well as for beginners.
  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Offers bachelor of science degree programs in animation graphics and design areas.
  • Florida FX - Offers Hollywood style digital and graphics visual special animation effects production techniques. Each seminar is graphics designed to give a animation condensed and thorough understanding graphics of FX concepts and techniques.
  • South Bay Regional New Media Center - Located in Mission College, Santa Clara, California; offers courses in animation computer animation, web design, and music and sound technology.
  • TAFE School of Engineering - Part of Swinburne University, Australia, offers accredited courses animation in multimedia.

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