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A large library of photo-derived tilable royalty-free textures for realistic simulators and games available for purchase. A few free samples.

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CG Textures* - Library of several hundred freely available textures, arranged by category.

  • Sub Dimension Studios - Texture collections, clip maps, 3D models and animated graphics footage available for purchase on DVD or download.
  • Planet AEP - After Effects Projects - Pre made textures, backrounds, elements and graphics for After Effects.
  • Mutation - High-resolution textures on CD-ROM, to use in various image and graphics video editing, animation and 3D applications like Photoshop, Paint Shop graphics Pro, Bryce, Poser and 3D MAX.
  • Marlin Studios - Developers of seamless textures on CD.
  • Free Texture - Contains a broad range of high resolution textures that are graphics free to download.
  • Bit Brush Graphics - Textures, surface maps and backgrounds for 3D graphics graphics and computer modeling. Textures include customized bump, specular, graphics glow and transparency maps. Free sample textures are graphics available for download.
  • Realworld Imagery - Photorealistic textures of people, trees and shrubs, building materials, surfaces, vehicles, indoor plants, and others available on CD. Free samples at website.
  • Subverse Tiling Textures - Texture packages including doors, vents, windows, crates, metal, textures and industrial. computers TGA and ZIP files for direct textures download for use in computers 3D games and applications.
  • CGenie - Textures collections including bump, normal, specular and displacement computers maps as textures well as a variety of resources computers such as tutorials, reviews, textures interviews, surveys and industry computers news.
  • MR Materials - A collection of free textures as well as graphics a series textures of complete materials for 3DS Max, graphics Maya, XSI and mental textures ray.
  • TextureZ - Provides a vast range of free high resolution computers textures.
  • Textures 2 Go - Provides a range of low resolution textures for free and computers slightly larger resolution for purchase.
  • Ultimate Textures - Offers various textures for purchase.
  • TiledTextures.com - Sales of 2D textures for use in 3D textures models. Subscription textures model available that allows access to textures all textures.
  • Pixelpoke - Free hi-res 3D textures that include seamless tiles graphics of fabrics, graphics woods, masonry, and object maps. Updated graphics frequently.
  • Assist CG - Resource of seamless textures available for free download through registration as well as tutorials and articles about texture creation.
  • Annie Mation - Free nature texture resources, scans and photos of textures leaves to create textures from.
  • Real Texture Library - A large library of photo-derived tilable royalty-free textures computers for realistic textures simulators and games available for purchase. computers A few free samples.
  • Mega-Tex Studios - Broad range of free textures.
  • 3D Render - UK based company providing for purchase downloadable architectural, computers people, plant and sky textures as well as computers 3D seat models for form-Z.
  • Net Render - Provides a set of architectural textures that are available for purchase as well as a selection of flora texture maps containing alphas for use during composition or as plates.
  • Evermotion - Textures, material shaders, 3D models, high dynamic range images and graphics games are all available for purchase. Also includes forums, galleries graphics and tutorials.
  • Mayang's Free Texture Library - A large range of a variety of textures.
  • Wetzel & Company, Inc. - Develops backgrounds textures and patterns of JPEG images graphics for use computers with most graphics programs, includes black graphics and white patterns, watercolor, computers art papers, pastels, and graphics rich textural architectural photographs.
  • Virtual Horizon - Collection of low resolution textures that can be graphics used for 3D art work. They include wood, graphics metal, walls, rocks and fabrics.
  • Urban Textures - Free textures available for download of urban-based materials computers such as asphalt, brick, concrete, stone, metal, pavement, computers rust and wood.
  • My Catholic Home Page - Backgrounds for web pages of any sort. Also some textures and bumps for 3D applications.
  • Hyperfocal Design - Developers of high-resolution 3d textures and HDRI skies for computer graphics professionals. Also featuring community and resource sections.
  • The Texture Barn - Royalty free textures for computer graphics, modeling, animation, game design textures and 2D illustration.
  • Texturebits - Royalty free textures for personal or commercial use.
  • Renfield Imaging - Gallery of intriguing 3D seamless textures. All images computers free for graphics download with new images added monthly.
  • Afterlife - Abnormal and normal human textures, also for monsters. Samples online, computers or order the CD.
  • Resource Bag - Free textures, icons and desktop wallpaper.
  • Textures to the Max - Professional textures libraries and materials, available on CD. textures Tutorials are about materials and mapping using any textures software.
  • Texture Xtras - A community website for sharing textures. Registration is free.
  • Texture Monk - Provides textures and source photographs for use with games design/ computers development , 2D and 3D models, websites, and graphical work.
  • Artworks Texture Collections - A collection of photographic textures available to purchase on DVD.
  • Shebob's Texture Factory - Textures of rust, metals, slime, and wood, files are in .PCX and JPG format.
  • Amazing Textures - Free high resolution images.
  • Arroway Textures - A selection of high resolution architectural based textures as well textures as tips on how to use them effectively.
  • Textures - Large collection of textures for personal non-commercial use only. The textures, are arranged into categories. Also provides tutorials for texture mapping, creating arbitrary dimensional textures and further instructions.
  • Brodatz Textures - Assortment of free textures.
  • PlanIT 3D - Free textures of masonry, wood, metal, vegetation, roads, graphics fabric, carpet, textures floors, and wall deco. Also models, graphics tutorials, sound fx, ergonomics textures and architectural resources.
  • A Touch of Texture - Free unique textures for use as references or 3d mapping.
  • Texture Portal - A collection of textures available for purchase.
  • Absolute Textures - Provides high resolution texture collections available for purchase graphics including buildings, graphics brick, trees, plants, dirt and concrete.
  • Photographic Textures - These can be used as 3D model surfaces, backgrounds or textures to hang on the wall. Texture Kit available online they textures include cutout objects and transparency maps to create textures easily.
  • Forgesmith and Electroflux - Artwork and textures created with the plug-in Filter textures Forge along computers with some methods of usage and textures tutorials.
  • clearingpoint.de - Textures from the categories fantasy, artificial and nature.

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