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This category lists sites that offer dragon graphics that can be adopted and placed on your web page. Graphics may be click-and-take, meaning you can save them to your hard drive right from the site, or they may require a pre-made page and an application form. Most sites require that you have a web page on which to place your adoptions.

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  • Drakun Adoptions - Original drakuns (a species of dragon). Includes rules cyber pets and an adoption form.
  • Dragons' Lair's Hatchery - Contains rules and multiple stages of click-and-take dragons.
  • The Dragon Adoption Center - Offers a range of adoptees and accepts suggestions for the dragons creation of new ones.
  • Crystal Springs Dragon Adoptions - Includes clutches, a battle arena, and dragon information.
  • Bishen Realm - Includes a history of the species, varieties, records, cyber pets stories dragons and contests.
  • Silentwings Adoption Center - Different stages of non-growing Mistyc dragons and a list of parents.
  • Dragon Seeds - A click-and-take agency offering hatchlings in six colors, each with dragons six stages of growth.
  • DMentia, Indeed - An adoption center.
  • Midias's Dragon Adoption - Clutches of eggs available. Includes an adoption form, history and list of parents.
  • The Isle of Mirrors - Growing Glenn Dragons available in a variety of colors and types.
  • Draconigena - Many types, including evolving and battling dragons. Written page and application required.
  • Irinath's Dragon Adoption - Hatchlings hidden by a password, which is available cyber pets via submission of an adoption form.
  • Crystal Light - Includes clutches, breeding, rules and a marketplace.
  • Miracle and Dreamer's ODA - A branch of KingdomDragon Adoptions. Includes a list dragons of types, free staging, breeding, clutches and orphans available.
  • Aikousha: Mistrals - Small, winged, drake-like creatures, native to Fae lands. cyber pets Clutches dragons only occasionally available.
  • The World of Tadrith - Requires parents to create a separate page in dragons their site, and a human persona to look dragons after the adoptee.
  • Featherdrake Aeyries - Clutches occasionally available. Includes a system for tracking drake lineage.
  • Condorla - Includes rules, application instructions, and the story of these small cyber pets dragons.
  • Elysium - Eggs sometimes available, offered through a greek mythological dragons story.

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