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A large range of original fantasy creatures such as feloren, luteys and beepbo. Includes a game to find hidden objects.

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  • MoonFaery Adoptions - Offers fairies against a moon backdrop. Includes an free adoption form and surprise gifts.
  • Adoptagnome - A wide range of original little monsters in fantasy many colours.
  • Ferilon Farm - Creatures arranged by tribes. Includes genetic information, special free breeds and contests.
  • Mount Olympus Adoptions - Goddesses, gods, the nine muses and accessories. Includes descriptions.
  • Soaring Light Adoptions - Offers unique deer-like creatures called Sanayara. Includes shows, fantasy battles, races, and contests.
  • Cesca's Adoptions - A large range of animated ladies, including mermaids, free fairies, angels, princesses, vampires and aliens, each with free her own certificate.
  • The Forest House - Individual faeries, mermaids and mini goddesses.
  • Amber's Adoption Center - Colourful cat-like creatures called zaiens, available with transparent free backgrounds.
  • The World of the Wolf - Fantasy cretures including gryphons, dragons, unicorns, hisokani which grow from cyber pets eggs, and breeding wolves.
  • In The Forest - Dkarls, a mixture of horse and wolf, begin fantasy as foals which develop into adults. Various colours fantasy and patterns available.
  • Adopt a Funky Fairy - Includes a spotlight, the option to dress up a fairy, cyber pets and a nursery.
  • Adopt a Demon - Ghouls, demons, monsters, beasts and gargoyles from the free nether regions cyber pets of Purgatory.
  • Chaishu Coast - Small, canine creatures. Hatching from an egg through four stages, each adoptee is different in colour from its siblings.
  • Shamrock Isle's Adoption Agency - Creatures from realms including: pixie puffs, under the free sea, the free toy box, and fantasia.
  • Dreamfollow - Fantasy creatures including froglettes, fairy mermaids and winged free ponies, arranged into geographical areas. Includes an adoption free competition.
  • AngelFae's Chimera Dreams - Original fantasy creatures in pastel colours. Offers a fantasy mailing list, free faeries of the month, e-cards and fantasy links.
  • CyberpetsHome - A range of static, breedable, or growing creatures including crards, lupios, twaa, seanoxx and hisokani.
  • Galloping Spirit Adoptions - Offers droa, an unique creation of part dragon, free gryphon, horse, free and wolf, which grow up in free a series of stages.
  • Animal Palace - Animated fantasy creatures in pastel colours. Includes holiday fantasy specials, and fantasy information about each species.
  • Zakura Adoptions - Offers half wolf, half dragon-like creatures. Includes a map, shop and battle arena.
  • The Mystic Kingdom - Deep-ocean creatures, including goddesses, hippocampi, and sea nymphs.
  • Asynjur's Fantasy Art Page - Fantasy creatures with stories, including sea elves, fairies, avisaurs and cyber pets suxe. Also includes original background graphics.
  • Starluck's SweetWater Valley - A large range of original fantasy creatures such fantasy as feloren, cyber pets luteys and beepbo. Includes a game fantasy to find hidden objects.
  • Skyhaven Adoptions - A large range of original fantasy creatures including gargoyle fish, free hummgryphs, chirolupes, horn-crested dragons, and avicorns.
  • The Shivuez Clouds - Offers a unique species called Shuvu, available in ten different cyber pets poses and custom made to suit each owner.
  • Morning Moon Meadow - Original creatures divided into areas such as the cyber pets endless fantasy oasis and the herb garden.
  • Oceandise - Animated mermaids and ocean creatures.
  • Adopt a Custom Growing Dragon, Unicorn, or Unigon - Fantasy creatures at a secret location available through fantasy a request free form.
  • Silver Water - Original fantasy creatures, including yadas from the river fantasy and batonias fantasy from a cave.
  • Adopt-a-Gargoyle - Original gargoyles, each with an individual purpose.

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