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Based in the 780 area code, contains K-1ine zine, information on the FLEX paging protocol, Elcotel payphones, various original text files and as well as an archive.

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See Also:
  • - Swiss phreaking site. Text files, chat and forum.
  • John Draper/Capt Crunch Interviewed 1995 - John Draper introduces his exploits and the motivation computers behind his work in this 1995 interview whilst computers he was traveling through Australia.
  • Telephone Prefix Locatior - Look up the location of a central office phreaking by prefix.
  • Art of Hacking - Fixer\\'s Box review which reviews the usefulness of the various phreaking phreaking boxes, original files, Beating Caller ID FAQ and The phreaking Vancouver Island Payphone Mapping Project.
  • Payphone Directory - Thousands of pay phone numbers in the United States, Canada, hacking and other countries. FAQ, About the different kinds of payphones, hacking pictures, recordings, news, discussion board and links.
  • Old Skool Phreak - A website and weekly radio show dedicated to computers hacking and hacking phreaking.
  • Cell Phone Hacks - Mobile phone hacking and phreaking discussion forum covering hacking hacks, tricks, and service mods.
  • DMS - PhreakZone - Features archives of Wired articles and UK phreaking hacking resources.
  • Nettwerked - Based in the 780 area code, contains K-1ine phreaking zine, information phreaking on the FLEX paging protocol, Elcotel phreaking payphones, various original text phreaking files and as well phreaking as an archive.
  • Exploiting the UK Phone System - Describes UK wiring and offers beige box schematic and description of use in PCP boxes.
  • DarkFall - Documents British Telecom UK phone system, including boxing plans and payphone information.
  • Phone Trips - Recordings from the 70\'s of some phone phreaks phreaking adventures.
  • Hack Canada - The source for Canadian hacking and phreaking. Text files, links.
  • StromCarlson.Com - Telephone recordings, coin-operated telephone pictures and numbers, coin phreaking phone instruction cards, interesting telephone numbers and central phreaking offices in Las Vegas.
  • This Is a Recording - Hundreds of telephone sounds and recordings including error phreaking recordings, signalling, hacking colored box tones, and devices.
  • - UK site focused on hacking and phreaking. Contains phreaking news, tutorials hacking and details of UK 2600 meetings.
  • Maphrik's Wall of Voodoo - Concentrates on war dialing, and covers PBX and hacking voicemail hacking computers as well as general computer security hacking advisories.
  • - European phreaking portal with links to phreaking information phreaking for the different european countries.
  • History of Cap'n Crunch - Home page of John T. Draper, one of the original phone phreakers.
  • Dutch Scanner Web - Informatie over scanners, frequenties, GSM, wetgeving, afkortingen, artikelen, hacking een forum, computers en meer.

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