IEEE 1394 Buses Hardware

Founded to support the development of computer and consumer electronics systems that can be easily connected with each other via a single serial multimedia link.

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  • Quick Overview of IEEE 1394 - By providing an inexpensive non-proprietary high-speed method of ieee 1394 interconnecting hardware digital devices, a truly universal I/O connection ieee 1394 has been hardware created, from Skipstones site.
  • Skipstone - IEEE 1394 Serial Bus information.
  • 1394 Printer Working Group - Developing printing standards for the IEEE Std. 1394-1995 hardware High Speed ieee 1394 Serial Bus. This new interface standard hardware is being used in ieee 1394 state of the art hardware audio, video, and computer applications.
  • Apple Developer Connection: Firewire - FireWire speeds up the movement of multimedia data and large ieee 1394 files and enables the connection of digital consumer products, including ieee 1394 digital camcorders, digital video tapes, digital video disks, set-top boxes, ieee 1394 and music systems, directly to a personal co
  • Why FireWire is Hot! Hot! Hot! - Article written by Franco Vitaliano.
  • EDN Access - Firewire unleashes the power of digital video. Dated ieee 1394 07/03/97.
  • 1394 High Performance Serial Bus - From Texas Instruments, choose from the list information buses about 1394.
  • IEEE 1394 Trade Association - Founded to support the development of computer and ieee 1394 consumer ieee 1394 electronics systems that can be easily connected ieee 1394 with each ieee 1394 other via a single serial multimedia ieee 1394 link.
  • 1394 Newsletter - Applications, standards development, 1394 Trade Association news, new buses 1394 products, ieee 1394 company strategies, price trends, mergers and buses acquisitions, joint ventures, procurements, ieee 1394 impact of buses competing technologies, competing standards: USB, and ieee 1394 SCSI.
  • Multimedia Applications of IEEE 1394 - Written by Lawrence A. Rowe at U.C. Berkeley.
  • IEEE 1394 - The cable connection to complete the digital revolution. Impact overview.

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