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Micro Channel Architecture MCA was the 32-bit bus IBM used inside some of its computers in the late 1980s, most notably the Personal System/2 (PS/2) line. It was a proprietary bus, and IBM required clone manufacturers to pay royalties to use the bus in their machines. It was also incompatible with previous buses, and was quickly replaced by other technologies, such as PCI.

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  • Peter H. Wendt - IBM Microchannel Enthusiasts Page including his famous QBMCA Microchannel Adapter hardware Identification Software and hundreds of ADFs for IBM MCA-machines.
  • Quatech: Microchannel Bus Overview - Describes MCA\\'s improvements over ISA, plug-and-play system, and a few hardware specifications.
  • Micro Channel Architecture (MCA) Bus - Ways in which MCA was "ahead of its time", with explanation of its demise.
  • TechFest - Micro Channel Bus technical summary.
  • What is MicroChannel Architecture? - IBM\\'s answer to the failings of its older mca PC bus, mca which is now referred to as mca the ISA bus, article mca discusses the problems and mca short falls it had.
  • Tavi PS/2 Pages - Information about IBM PS/2 machines. Although mainly directed mca at the buses MicroChannel systems (model 50 and above) mca there may be the buses occasional snippet about the mca lower end ISA-based systems as well.
  • Su's PS/2 Page - The effects of M.A.D. Microchannel Addictive Disorder.

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