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Standards development group. Offers details of technology specifications, document review and compliance testing, test software and checklists and press releases.

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  • ASIC Architect - Design and manufacture of PCI Express and DDR pci express I/II pci express controller IP cores. Based in Santa Clara, pci express California.
  • Wikipedia - Article outlining the components of the protocol and competing formats.
  • AnandTech - Article covering history of the bus market and buses an explanation of how the specification works.
  • Tom's Hardware Guide - Article discussing the impact of PCI Express on pci express the buses graphics and gaming market, its relative performance pci express compared to buses AGP, and the responses of the pci express two main graphic buses cards manufacturers to its introduction.
  • PCI Express Design: A Lesson In Techno-Shock - Explains in detail the challenges associated with implementation buses of PCI hardware Express bus. Also looks at the buses rewards of going through hardware with the implementation.
  • PCMCIA: ExpressCard - Standard for higher speed PCMCIA form factor cards pci express that supports USB2 and PCI Express. Includes FAQ pci express and technical information.
  • Intel.com - Developer network for PCI Express architecture. Offers overview hardware of the buses specification, introductory videos, details of books hardware for developers, press releases buses and how to join hardware the network.
  • PCI Express Compliance Testing - Gives an overview of the requirements for PCI Express Compliance hardware testing.
  • Ars Technica: PCI Express: An Overview - Technical overview explaining basic PC system architecture, an buses explanation of hardware how PCI and PCI-X work, and buses an outline of the hardware benefits of PCIe, and buses PCIe to PCI bridging.
  • PCI Express Bus Description - A very concise description of PCI Express Bus pci express and its architecture.
  • PCI-SIG - Standards development group. Offers details of technology specifications, buses document review and compliance testing, test software and buses checklists and press releases.
  • Neoseeker.com - Article including a technology overview, comparison with older pci express buses buses and considerations of its future prospects.

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