Distribution Expanders SCSI Buses

Distribution can include OEM, VARs, Systems Integrators and Manufactures Representatives.

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  • Rep Mesa, Inc. - Currently representing manufacturers of CPU, DSP, FDDI, SCSI, graphics, imaging scsi and bus analyzer boards and systems as well as embedded scsi computers, backplanes, enclosures and rack cabinets.
  • Datastor - Specializing in data storage and RAID solutions. Very distribution active in the SCSI arena with stocks of distribution external cases, cables and terminators.
  • Eastern Systems Inc. - Representing leading manufacturers of OEM, VME, CPCI, PCI, Motherboard, SBUS, expanders PMC, PC104, SCSI, and ruggedized hardware systems and software solutions.
  • Digitape Systems Corporation - Large VAR and stocking distributor of high-end storage, SCSI and mainframe to mini and micro data exchange products.
  • Carter, McCormic and Peirce - CMP covers the midwest with offices in Ohio, expanders and Pennsylvania. expanders Representative of many bus technologies including expanders SCSI, in such markets expanders as: process control, military, expanders medical and utilities.
  • Hanify Associates, Inc. - Manufacturer representative of telecom, industrial computer, and analytical bus tool expanders and SCSI products.
  • Intertechnology Inc. - Distributor for computer peripheral products such as expanders printers, CD-Rom scsi libraries, SCSI bus extenders based in expanders Canada.
  • IBDS-International Business Development Specialist - Niche technology specialist, facilitates sales and advocate for expanders channel marketing distribution and support. Representing intersystem connectivity products, expanders network switching, protocol software, distribution SCSI converters, cable and expanders ASICs.
  • Sierra Technologies, LLC - Handles analyzers, testers, expanders and cables for SCSI and Fibre Channel.
  • Panatek Technical Sales Associates - Independent firm representing companies that specialize in board scsi and system scsi level computer and I/O products. Working scsi with OEMs and end-users scsi in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, scsi Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin.
  • Peripheral Products Inc. - PPI offers cutting-edge technology products for disaster recover, networking, SAN expanders solutions, SCSI expander products, real-time VME market and console service expanders management.

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