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High performance I/O, connectivity, and network products are incorporated into the systems and products of major computer and peripheral manufacturers.

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  • Initio - Manufactures input/output solutions for the microcomputer industry, including host adapters SCSI host adapters and software.
  • Atto Technology - Powerful, cross-platform storage solutions across the entire data scsi continuum that host adapters encompass: host adapters including ATTO ExpressPCI scsi with Advanced Data Streaming host adapters (ADS) technology, ATTO AccelWare scsi and ExpressRAID software.
  • Apcon - Manufactures products that add functionality to SCSI bus computer systems. host adapters Recently introduced High Availability solutions for Windows NT, UNIX, OS/2, host adapters and Netware environments which protect network servers from expensive downtime.
  • Pacific Data - SCSI host adapters and tape media.
  • Adaptec - High performance I/O, connectivity, and network products are buses incorporated into buses the systems and products of major buses computer and peripheral manufacturers.
  • Digital Interfaces Ltd - Fibre Channel bridges, SCSI tape interfaces and SAN connectivity and storage products.
  • Ami Trix Development - SCSI-TV: a SCSI interface for the Amiga A570 and CDTV. host adapters Frequently Asked Questions

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