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Is it 8-bit (narrow) or 16-bit (wide), and is it single-ended or differential? Article detailing how to determine what type of SCSI port the host has.

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  • SCSI Glossary - A glossary of SCSI terminology, updated frequently as technical proposed new technical standards become operational.
  • SCSI - Basic terms for SCSI.
  • Surviving SCSI Hell - The musicians guide to understanding SCSI. How to connect a technical computer to a digital sampler using SCSI, a primer from technical Rich the TweakMeister.
  • SCSICam - MDL Introduces a SCSI-Based Video Conferencing System, press buses release.
  • SCSI Books - STA's list of SCSI books.
  • What Kind of SCSI Do I Have? - Is it 8-bit (narrow) or 16-bit (wide), and buses is it buses single-ended or differential? Article detailing how buses to determine what type buses of SCSI port the buses host has.
  • Chip Directory - SCSI-1 Connector pin assignments.
  • Coping With SCSI at Gigahertz Speeds - Fight back and optimize your next SCSI-board design buses with high-speed transmission-line techniques, written by Barry Caldwell buses for EDN Magazine.
  • Ultra-Fast SCSI You Can Use - Most Ultra2 cards lack connectors for typical external desktop devices. Adaptec\\'s new card changes all that. Article from PC World News.
  • SCSI vs. IDE Bus Mastering for DAWs - By D. Glen Cardenas and Jose M. Catena for Digital technical Pro Sound.
  • SCSI and the Art of I/O Specmanship - Written by Michael Lampi of MDL Corporation.
  • Radified - Computer-related tutorials written by a real-life user, based buses on first-hand scsi experience with SCSI.
  • SCSI CD-RW Drives Roundup - Devoted to the CD-RW drives with SCSI interface, buses showing the potential, highlights and downsides of the buses SCSI-interface.
  • SCSI World - Reviews and articles, not finished yet but a good source buses for information.

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