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  • Dektec - Manufacturer of DVB/MPEG-2 digital-video cards and associated software for professional markets.
  • X-Micro Technology - Manufacturer in design and distribution of professional 3D graphics cards components worldwide.
  • Datapath - Manufacturer of high end multi-screen graphics cards and video cards video/rgb video cards capture products.
  • JKN Electronics Inc. - Distributor of video frame grabbers for a variety components of buses, CCD cameras and lenses.
  • Peritek - Supplier of video and graphics display control boards video cards for the embedded computing industry.
  • PixelSmart - Manufacturers of video frame grabbers for ISA, PCI and PC104 video cards bus.
  • Matrox Graphics - Offers high performance video cards and upgrades and DVD acceleration.
  • Micro-Labs - Manufactures and sells the VGA line of graphics components boards.
  • Colorgraphic - Offers multi-screen video solutions and specialized products for TV/video overlay, components DFP and DVD.
  • Creative Labs - Maker of the Blaster series of graphics cards, sound cards, optical drives and other devices.
  • Sparkle Computers - Manufacturer of high performance graphics.
  • ELSA AG - FTP mirror (Technical University of Chemnitz) for video video cards card drivers of the vendor which has gone video cards into insolvency. One directory level up are the video cards directories for other ELSA products.
  • Spectrah Dynamics - Digital VGA cards targeting the LCD monitor market. components PanelLink and components LVDS for LCD PC, industrial PC, components and embedded CPU board.
  • Diamond Multimedia - Manufacturer of Monster products and other computer-based entertainment components devices.
  • Integral Technologies - Manufacturer of FlashPoint and FlashBus video frame grabbers video cards for OEMs and system integrators.
  • Linux Media Arts - Manufactures and sells video signal interface cards, including graphics board vendors video cards HD, SD-601, and MPEG-2.
  • Althon - OEM selling video graphics adapters and boards.
  • Salient Systems Corporation - Offers high speed graphics and image capture boards graphics board vendors and real time frame grabbing as well as graphics board vendors TIGA based accelerators.
  • Quantum3D - Interactive 3D PC-based visual computing systems for professional video cards markets.
  • Prolink Home Page - Video adapters, LCD displays, multimedia and networking products.
  • Hercules Computer Technology Inc. - Offers high performance graphics, video, multimedia and 3D components accelerators for PCs.
  • Multiscreen Video Solutions - Multi-screen video adapters, offering up to 24 monitors graphics board vendors with live video or TV overlays.
  • 3D Labs - Supplier of integrated hardware and software graphics accelerator solutions for graphics board vendors workstations and design professionals

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