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Asks what if creating computer hardware became as individualized, as free from corporate control, as open source software, with future scenario where this occurs.

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Editor's Picks:* - Seeks to design and publish core designs under a license for hardware modelled on the Lesser General Public License (LGPL) for software.

  • Open Programmer - Free USB programmer for PIC micros, I2C EEPROMs computers and other open source devices. Control applications for Windows and computers GNU/Linux are provided along open source with their source code.
  • Open Source Hardware: Birth of a Long Tail Market? - Asks what if creating computer hardware became as open source individualized, computers as free from corporate control, as open open source source software, computers with future scenario where this occurs.
  • Writings on Open Source Hardware - A collection of links to writings on themes related to Open Source Hardware like definitions, libraries, talks and conferences.
  • Richard Stallman: On Free Hardware - Stallman's views, definition, problems. Linux Today.
  • DAISY: Dynamically Architected Instruction Set from Yorktown - Goals: make VLIW and other novel ILP architectures fully compatible hardware with common extant architectures such as PowerPC, x86, S/390, and hardware Java Virtual Machine.
  • Open Graphics Project: OGP - Goals: design an open source hardware, architecture and hardware standard for graphics cards, mainly for open source hardware software and operating systems.
  • Ethernut - Embedded Ethernet board equipped with an Atmel ATmega128 CPU and hardware a Realtek RTL8019AS or LAN91C111 Ethernet controller.
  • Elphel, Inc. - A project working on cameras and imaging solutions computers with Free software and open hardware. Contains a computers list of products along with their prices and computers documentation.
  • USB Audio Streamer - Microchip PIC based USB sound card, driven by interrupts instead of polling. Open source.
  • Bug Labs - Develops BUG: modular software and hardware platform, web-enabled, set of computers pre-matched components: color screen, camera (video enabled), GPS, accelerometer; snap computers together, no soldering. Open source.
  • Ronja (Reasonable Optical Near Joint Access) - Optical point-to-point data link.
  • The Future of Hardware is Open Source - Brief analysis of some benefits, problems, and means. Raiden's Realm.
  • SystemC - Broadly supported C++ open source language and simulation open source kernel for modeling and implementing electronic systems.
  • Art Interface Device - The Art Interface Device (AID) is a microprocessor platform for open source building electronic installation art. It can also be used open source as an interface between such artworks and computers. It open source will enable the artworks to respond to people and open source the physical environment
  • Bootloader for Microchip PIC USB Microcontroller - Bootloader updates firmware through HID interface – use hardware of generic computers Windows drivers. XTEA encryption for firmware hardware protection.
  • Manticore - Was "The HULK"; hardware design for a 3D hardware graphics accelerator, written fully in VHDL. Open source.
  • OpenCollector Database - Site has a searchable index of many designs, open source tools and manufacturers.
  • Midi for the Pilot - How to build a midi interface for the open source palm computers pilot.
  • ARM Developments - Embedded system based on ATMEL AT91M40800 processor and hardware Network Card based on Crystal CS8900A.

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