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The Dvorak layout, a more efficient and ergonomic alternative to Qwerty and its variants devised by August Dvorak in 1932 after almost two decades of research. Manufacturers of Dvorak keyboards are also listed here.

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See Also:
  • Dvorak Keyboard: Efficient Typing for the Computer Age, The - Brief comparison of Dvorak and Sholes (QWERTY) layouts and some dvorak background
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  • Standard and Dvorak Keyboards Revisited: Direct Measures of Speed, The - Santa Fe Institute study measuring speed on the keyboards two keyboards by the same persons, finding 4% keyboards superiority for the Dvorak keyboard, by Leonard keyboards J. West. Downloadable in PostScript format.
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  • Fable of the Keys, The - Academic article opposing Paul David\\'s use of QWERTY as an peripherals example of market failure, by economists S. J. Liebowitz and peripherals Stephen E. Margolis. [Journal of Law & Economics]
  • QWERTY vs Dvorak tool - A tool which compares the efficiency of the QWERTY and peripherals Dvorak keyboard layouts.

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