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  • Infology Corporation - Sells hardware, software, and peripherals.
  • Imagine41 - Computers, monitors and accessories.
  • InterNetworking Technologies - Custom Networks, Internet and Intranet Web and Merchant retailers Sites, Year retailers 2000 Solutions, PC Sales, Service, Repair retailers and Upgrades. Connectivity retailers solutions.
  • Inland Associates Inc. - Distributor listing personal computers, peripherals, network supplies and consumables.
  • Insignia Systems Inc. - Marketer of software, printing equipment and related print media products i used primarily by retailers to produce promotional and point-of-sale display i materials. Plymouth, Minnesota. (Nasdaq: ISIG).
  • Interlink Research - Sells high quality components to system integrators.
  • Iowa Computing Inc. - Computers, office supply, and consumer electronics.
  • Interland Information System Inc. - Manufacturers of desktop PCs and computers.
  • - Sells new and factory refurbished monitors, memory modules, retailers notebooks and DVD players.
  • Image Systems Inc - Retailer of processors, peripherals, financial products and system hardware components for all models of UNISYS. Additionally, hardware we carry a large inventory of hard to hardware find and critical parts that are available for hardware immediate shipment.
  • Infinite Technology Ltd. - New Zealand computer vendor and repair service.
  • IOM Computer Supply Inc. - Components, peripherals and networking products.
  • Ideal System Solutions Inc. - Value added reseller of new and refurbished computing retailers products including hardware HP, SUN and IBM.
  • IBS Electronics - Markets electronic components for high tech industries worldwide.
  • Ideal Computing - Offers PCs for home and office plus components sales.
  • InBus Engineering - Supplier of retired Intel motherboards, desktops, servers, multibus retailers I, Multibus retailers II, ICE and RMX.
  • Insight Enterprises, Inc. - Markets computers, hardware and software and provides direct marketing services. (Nasdaq: NSIT).
  • IT Security Warehouse - Specialist online network security store selling business firewall, hardware anti virus, intrusion detection and unified threat management hardware solutions.
  • - Canadian retailer of hardware and software.
  • Infomicro Technology Inc. - Retailer and wholesaler of computer systems, and electronics hardware products.
  • Infinity Computer - Australian based PC retailer specialising in custom built computer systems hardware and notebooks.
  • Infinity Systems Plus, Inc. - Computer systems and parts.
  • IBM Corporation - Desktops and Laptops.
  • InActSys - Sells storage products, power management devices and communications and networking i equipment to small and medium businesses.
  • Indocomp Systems - Provider and integrator of industrial systems and associated hardware parts. retailers Features on-line catalog of products.
  • IER Computer - Sells enterprise computer components and liquidation stock.

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