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Extended Capabilities (Parallel) Port An upgrade to the original parallel port on a PC, which gives you: Transfer rates of more that two million bytes per second; bidirectional 8-bit operation (a standard parallel port has only 4 input bits); support for CD-ROM and scanner connections; 16-byte FIFO buffer; support for run length coding data compression.

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  • TN 0078 - Proposed ECP Interface to replace the memory board standards of the ecp Mark IV.
  • Warp Nine Engineering - The Extended Capability Port, or ECP, protocol was ecp proposed by hardware Hewlett Packard and Microsoft as an ecp advanced mode for communication hardware with printer and scanner ecp type peripherals.
  • Interfacing the Extended Capabilities Parallel Port - Describes interfacing the ECP complete with register details standards and waveforms.
  • IEEE 1284/EPP/ECP Frequently Asked Questions - Answers and insight into some of the common hardware questions and hardware misunderstandings regarding the 1284 parallel port hardware standard and its usage.
  • Computer Interface - Parallel interface information from

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