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The mechanism that controls the positioning, reading, and writing of the hard disk. Although the hard disk drive (often shortened to "hard drive") and the hard disk are not the same thing, they are packaged as a unit and so either term is sometimes used to refer to the whole unit.

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  • Hard Drives 4 Less - Specializes in internal and external hard disk drives hardware for desktop hardware PCs, workstations, servers, and laptops.
  • Mapower.com.tw - Manufacturer of computer peripherals specializing in external drive hardware enclosures.
  • IBM - Hard disk drive storage for mobile systems, desktop storage PCs, workstations and servers.
  • Maxtor Corporation - Manufactures Parallel ATA, Serial ATA and SCSI hard hard drives drives.
  • Drive Solutions Inc - Carries all types of hard drives new and hardware old, from hard drives 270 megabyte to 181 gigabyte.
  • Hard Drive Warehouse - Offers internal and external SCSI, Firewire and USB hard drives storage from Seagate, Western Digital and Maxtor.
  • CMS Peripherals, Inc. - Offers ABS, Automatic Backup System and hard drive hardware upgrades for notebook and desktop systems.
  • Western Digital - Enhanced IDE, Serial ATA and external hard drives.
  • Spark Technology - Maker of keychain sized USB flash memory hard hard drives drives to replace floppy and zip disks.
  • Digital Measurement Systems - Manufacturers of test equipment used to measure and hardware characterize the magnetic properties of thin film media.
  • Seagate Technologies - Disc product guide and disc storage news.
  • Wolverine Data - USB 2.0 portable hard drives and Flash Memory sticks.
  • Corporate Systems Center - Data storage and duplication systems.
  • Pocketec - A small, light, and portable hard drive. This removable storage hardware device connects to a PC or Mac, laptop or desktop, hardware via a USB cable.
  • Hutchinson Technology Incorporated - Develops, manufactures and markets suspension assemblies for use in computer rigid disk drives and other technical applications.
  • Komag, Inc. - Develops, manufactures and markets thin-film media for storage of digital storage data in computer hard disk drives.
  • Logicube, Inc - Manufacturer of hard drive duplicators and computer forensic hardware systems.
  • Unison - Distributors of hard disk drives, CPU\\'s and other storage computer hardware hard drives products.
  • Dan Kegel's Fast Hard Drives Page - Dan\'s hard drives facts page, and his independent view point.
  • Zip Zip of Melbourne - Makes and sells Lego USB memory sticks, and storage USB thumb hard drives drives.
  • Micro Technology Concepts - Offers mass storage products including server, desktop or laptop hard drive and floppy disk drives.
  • PMC Technologies, Inc. - Manufactures and integrates removable disk drive subsystems, storage hardware enclosures and expansion chassis.

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