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  • Canada Online - Offering CD-R duplication and CD duplication systems and kits, copiers, optical printers and CD-R media.
  • Crystal Clear Sound - Offering CD duplication, CD-ROM replication, CD manufacturing, cassette optical duplication and optical mastering and a complete art department.
  • CE Optical Disc Technology Ltd. - Replication and packaging service with short turnaround time.
  • CD Lab - CD-R duplication and replication, CD printing, mastering, and packaging. optical Sales of blank media and Rimage CD-R production equipment.
  • CopyMaster International Limited - disk and CD copying, packaging and distribution service. c Also sales duplication services of duplication equipment.
  • Coptech West - Full service CD replication, CD-R short-run duplication, design, screen printing, c labeling, packaging. Digital publication services.
  • Clam Shell CD Cases - Offering clam shell cases for storage of optical duplication services media.
  • CDWorks - Source for CD-ROM replication and duplication, CD-R duplication duplication services and silkscreening.
  • The CD Duplicator - Specialize in short runs of Audio and Data c CD-Rs.
  • CopyPro, Inc. - Manufacturers of CD duplicators, autoloaders, CD printers, disk copiers and CD towers.
  • CVB Duplication - British-based firm offering video CD and DVD duplication, c business card c CDs, mini CDs, custom printing and c packaging.
  • CD Forge - Manufacturing and packaging of CD, CDR, CD-ROM, vinyl optical pressing, DVD, duplication services DVD-Audio, for musicians, record labels, and optical software developers.
  • CD-Lab - CD-R and CD-ROM duplication, replication, packaging and blank duplication services media.
  • Color Film Corporation - Digital media services. CD, DVD, slides, business cards, c CDs, print duplication services and packaging services.
  • Copyrom - Specializes in short run CD-R burning, duplication or c longer run c pressed CDs and replication.
  • CD Replication - CD replication of all types, from traditional 5" CDs to CD cards
  • CDA Data Business Ltd. - CD and DVD replication and duplication, manufacturing, print, duplication services packaging, optical warehousing and logistics.
  • CCSS Inc. - Supplies everything needed to produce and distribute CD c and DVD discs.
  • CTEX Mass Disk Replication - Offers CD, DVD and CD-ROM duplication and replication c services.
  • CD Duplication 4 Less - Provides CD and CD-R duplication and replication and optical CD packaging c for music, voice and computer programs.

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