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Offers data, audio and video CD and DVD duplication and replication through an online process. Short and large runs available.

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  • DiskFaktory - Offers data, audio and video CD and DVD d duplication and replication through an online process. Short d and large runs available.
  • Diskcopy - CDR, CD-ROM and DVD replication, packaging and fulfillment.
  • Digital Domain - CD and CD-ROM mastering, digital imaging, graphic design, CD and optical booklet replication and printing.
  • Disc Print Production Ltd - Offers duplication, replication CD-R, DVD-R, and CD-ROM diskette, optical digital audio or video mini-business cards, volume manufacturing, optical and packaging.
  • Diskpro - Specializes in duplicating volume CDs, 3.5 inches diskettes. Also carry various CD-Rs and diskettes.
  • Digitally CD - CD and DVD duplication, labeling kits and packaging.
  • Dub-It.com - Full service CD-ROM replication and video duplication company.
  • Data Direct - Sells and services CD-R duplication and printing systems.
  • Dancor and Associates - CD-DVD replication and packaging, binders, index dividers, presentation duplication services folders, convention bags and banners.
  • Data Business - CD duplication and replication services. CD printers, recordable duplication services CD duplication services and CD duplicator and diskette duplication services.
  • DiscBurn - CD and DVD disc replication or duplication, printing d and business duplication services card CDs.
  • Dischromatics Ltd - Offers DVD and CD replication and packaging. Profile, duplication services services d and product range. Based in Wales.
  • Duplication Masters - Media silk-screening, CD-ROM replication and CD-R duplication, as well as turnkey assembly, storage and product fulfillment.
  • Disc Print - Specializes in duplicating, labeling, printing, packing and shipping d discs.
  • Duplium CD/DVD Duplicators - Provides large-scale CD, CD-R, DVD replication, artwork production optical and custom duplication services printing services for companies in US optical and Canada.
  • Disc Makers - CD, CD-ROM and DVD replication, duplication, manufacturing, design and packaging.
  • DataDisc - CD manufacturing, with short runs to millions.
  • DSM CD Duplicating Service - Specializes in CD, CDR, or dat tape duplication d short-runs.
  • Diskduper.com - CD and floppy disk duplication.

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