Media Optical Storage Hardware

Media is the actual plastic disk which fits inside the CD-ROM or DVD drive and typically holds software, music, videos, etc.

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  • The Media Exchange - Sales of various forms of magnetic and optical optical media. CD-ROM optical and DVD-Replication, diskette and CD-ROM duplication.
  • Western Numerical Control - Diskettes, CDs, jewel cases, plotter pens and media, manufacturing supplies.
  • CDCard USA - Manufacturer specializing in business card shape optical media. Also offers storage CD replication services, packaging and CD phone cards.
  • Pro Tape Northwest - Provides CD-R, CD-RW, mini disc, digital video, DVD-RAM, optical DVD-R and optical data storage media.
  • Verbatim - Manufacturer and distributor of optical and magnetic media, optical hardware. Locations in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Memorex - A provider of CD-R and CD-RW media. Its optical range of storage products includes a large selection of optical optical storage products, computer storage peripherals and accessories.
  • DOCdata N.V. - Manufactures and distributes CDs, CD-ROMs, and DVDs for storage record labels, software developers, and film studios. (Nasdaq: storage DOCD).
  • Disc Market - Supplier of CD and DVD media, duplicators, printers and media supplies.
  • WCW Media - Specialist in CD-R and media supplies.
  • Greenwood Associates - Provides high quality blank CD-R, DVD-R and DLT storage media, CD media and DVD recorders, DVD recording software storage for data storage.
  • Acca Recording Products - Offers CD-R, DVD-R, all CD and DVD media, duplicators and media printers.
  • Web Enterprise Business Solutions Ltd. - Full-service CD, DVD and shaped digital disc suppliers.
  • Alera Technologies - Offers unique CD/DVD recording solutions including, CD/DVD recorders, optical duplicators, media optical and accessories.
  • RPS - Supplies computer data media products through a UK based office storage , disks, tapes, printing consumables and projectors.
  • West Coast Computer Products - Carries all types of data magnetic media, including: zips, opticals, media CDRs, and dat tape.
  • 5inch - Sells pre-designed, silk-screened, blank CD-R's and cases.

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