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Supplier of automated tape libraries to backup, secure and archive information stored on networks, client server/servers and on-line data storage subsystems.

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  • Linear Tape Open - LTO provides high-performance tape storage technology. Ultrium and storage Accelis tape formats allow high capacity or high storage performance tape backup solutions.
  • Shaffstall Corporation, Inc. - Offers products to copy, duplicate, and convert magnetic data tapes hardware and CD-R's.
  • MaxOptix Corporation - Supplier of automated tape libraries to backup, secure tape drives and hardware archive information stored on networks, client server/servers tape drives and on-line hardware data storage subsystems.
  • Pinetree Peripherals - Provides tape drives and repairs.
  • Computer Peripherals Unlimited Inc. - New and refurbished 3480 tape drives, 3490, 3490e, and 3590 tape drives as well as AIT, DLT, and LTO tape drives.
  • Advanced SDLT Tape Storage - Quantum Super DLT tape drives, media, autoloaders and tape drives libraries.
  • Remax Electronics - Provides data storage solutions such as 1/2 inch, storage 9 track, hardware 3480/3490, 4mm, 8mm, DLT, or optical.
  • Exabyte Corporation - IT and MIS professionals around the world rely tape drives on Exabyte for superior tape backup and automation tape drives products.
  • Connexion Point - A specialist tape drive repair company. Services include repairs and storage rentals with extended warranties. Service centres are located in the storage New Zealand, Germany, Australia and the UK.
  • Interchange Technology - Specialists in mainframe class tape drives. Global sales and maintenance of 9-track, 3480/90/90E and 3590 from all major manufacturers.
  • Peripheral Vision - Manufacturer of tape backup solutions specializing in emulations, storage sharing tape hardware drives and display units for most storage platforms.
  • Mountain Engineering II - Design of magnetic tape drives, LTO, DLT, 3590, 3490, with experience in all types of tape drives.
  • RC Electronics - Tape drive repair and remanufacture.
  • Advanced Digital Information Corporation - Offers a broad range of tape automation, storage networking, and software products.
  • Wiltec Inc. - 9-Track tape drives and software for backup, data interchange and hardware storage management. Also 3480, 3490, 3490e tape drives and tape hardware drive accessories.
  • Vertices - Media management that provides backup records storage, tracking, hardware auditing, vault tape drives management and automated tape library systems.
  • Blue Rock Storage Solutions - Offers backup hardware and software, SAN and NAS storage designed tape drives to address IT backup and storage issues.
  • Plasmon LMS - Manufacturer of optical and tape mass storage devices. Products include Blackjack, Infinity 8000, 12 inch optical, and NCTP.
  • Coolspirit Ltd. - Offers LTO Ultrium, super DLT, 3590, 9840, AIT tape drives and hardware bar coded labels.
  • Datland.com - Provides quality dat tape back-up drives, sales and repair.
  • DLT FAQ - Article maintained by Larry Kaplan of Quantum.
  • Spectra Logic - A complete line of automated tape backup solutions including tape libraries and tape media.
  • AIT Technology Forum - The Advanced Intelligent Tape Forum is an industry tape drives consortium hardware of hardware and software companies dedicated to tape drives advancing the hardware widespread adoption of AIT tape technology tape drives as an industry hardware standard.
  • Minnesota Computer Supply Co. - Upper midwest distributor of computer supplies and storage hardware products representing storage the following companies: 3M, Imation, IBM, hardware Lexmark, and others. Product storage list and order information.
  • Chi Corporation - Specializes in computer data interchange and storage products.
  • Qualstar - Manufacturer of tape drives and AIT, DLT, LTO, hardware and M2 storage tape libraries. Software is also available hardware for backup, automated backup, storage HSM and archival, image hardware and video storage.
  • TapeLabs - Provides SCSI, Fibre-channel and Gigabit Ethernet tape storage subsystems, as storage well as SCSI interfaces, packaging and storage engineering outsourcing services.
  • Intercom Computer Systems Inc. - IBM plug compatible removable media sub-systems, tape libraries storage and virtual systems.
  • Avax International - Backup, data interchange, tape drives, tape library units, storage tape autochangers, hardware and tape arrays.
  • Intertechnology - Data and instrumentation products. Tape drives, libraries, and tape drives software.
  • Western Backup Solutions - Sales, repair and refurbishing solutions for all mass tape drives storage tape drives devices.
  • AS/400 Tape solutions - Products include single, dual, multiple drive and library tape drives units tape drives utilizing DLT, AIT, MLR, Mammoth and Magstar tape drives drives. tape drives Also tape bus extenders, switches and tape drives tape encryption devices.
  • Tapeconversions.com - Provides tape, media, file and data conversion services storage for magnetic and cartridge tape in all formats.

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