Alpha Systems Hardware

Alpha is a RISC CPU that was created by DEC: Digital Equipment Corp. When DEC merged with Compaq, the Alpha went with them, so now Compaq sells Alpha systems. Alphas are among the fastest microprocessors generally available.

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See Also:
  • Alpha systems - Servers and workstations: proven performance leaders, powered by systems high speed Alpha processors. Configured with the operating systems system best suited to your needs: Compaq Tru64 systems UNIX, Compaq OpenVMS, Linux.
  • Microway, Inc. - Specializes in designing custom configurations of Alpha, Athlon, hardware Pentium based alpha Linux Beowulf clusters, workstations for web/network hardware servers, fault-tolerant SCSI RAID alpha arrays. Alpha motherboards, add-in hardware cards; custom designed, 3D design and alpha DSP. Also hardware 32-bit
  • Compaq Continuous Profiling Infrastructure (DCPI) - Features an advanced development kit for Compaq Alpha hardware platforms.

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