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Editor's Picks:

SGI Technical Advice and Information* - SGI systems from the Personal Iris to the Onyx2. Old product brochures, benchmarks, and several second-hand buying guides.

  • Reputable Systems Home Page - Specializing in refurbished, used workstations from SGI and hardware peripherals and parts for other Unix workstations.
  • SiliconBunny - SiliconBunny is a help and information site for users and administrators of Silicon Graphics machines running IRIX. Along with technical information it provides an RSS feed of SGI news.
  • XS Online - Specializing in new and refurbished SGI and Intergraph hardware systems, along sgi with RAID, disk, memory, and 3D hardware software.
  • This Old SGI - A site of notes to aid people who sgi wish to fix up SGI\'s old 4D machines sgi like the Personal IRIS.
  • Mashek Consulting Corp. - A Minnesota based company specializing in refurbished SGI systems parts and sgi systems.
  • SGI Quake - Downloads and documentation.
  • OLMOS Workstations GmbH - One of Europe\\'s largest independent distributors of Silicon Graphics/SGI computer systems equipment (In German).
  • Configuring and Debugging SLIP and PPP Connections - Information on how to setup and run a hardware dialup IP connection on an SGI workstation.
  • Silicon Graphics Products - High-performance computing solutions. Ranging from workstations and servers hardware to supercomputers, delivers advanced computing and visualization to hardware large enterprises and scientific, engineering, and creative professionals.
  • - The volunteer run SGI employee site. It systems is the hardware successor to which shutdown in systems September 2001.
  • IRIS Performer - Entertainment, virtual reality and visual simulation.
  • Setting Up a Cable Modem on SGI/IRIX: HOWTO - Explains how to configure an IRIX system to sgi use a hardware cable modem with a dynamically assigned sgi IP address.
  • Silicon Graphics FAQs - One of the Silicon Graphics FAQs series.
  • IMPACTs Personal SGI Site - A very helpful site of SGI Systems, made hardware for the sgi growing SGI Community. It includes many hardware Product Guides, self written sgi Manuals and a lot hardware of high quality System Parts Pictures.
  • JAVA for SGI Users - JAVA resources for SGI users from Paul Haeberli.
  • Third Party Hardware Suppliers for SGI's - A list of products end-users bought from third party equipment suppliers.
  • SGI Software Repository - All software ready for quick download from Web hardware pages.(You will have to do a Search on hardware SGI in the search box)
  • SGI TechPubs Library - Official technical publication repository for SGI, formerly Silicon sgi Graphics.
  • Marcus Herbert's SGI pictures archive - A picture archive. Covers almost every machine SGI systems have made, and has pictures of rare promotional systems items or one-off custom machines.
  • Perl5 for IRIX - Download locations, description, notes, and installation instructions.
  • Nekochan - An information site for users of SGI\\'s machines. sgi Forums, gallery, systems and ported software available for download.
  • Minicomputer Exchange, Inc. - Sells, buys, rents, repairs and services Sun and SGI systems.

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