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Sells Linux workstations and servers with a firm commitment to open source. Build the world's most reliable Linux systems to your exact specifications.

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  • Milton Terry Associates Inc. - Professional office design with C.A.D. available. Offers new hardware and used hardware office furniture.
  • Datalux Corporation - Manufacturer ruggedized and compact computer systems and workstations specially designed for healthcare, mobile and light industrial.
  • AMC Ltd. - Specialist providers of rackmount computer hardware, chassis, backplanes and enclosures.
  • SmartFlex Technology - Offers Linux based thin clients, servers and smart systems clients, and workstations servers.
  • General Technics, Inc. - Rack mount workstation is available in standard 19" hardware rack mount system building blocks. Specializing in rack hardware mount hardware required for applications such as industrial hardware PCs, RAID enclosures and shock mounted ruggedized computers.
  • Amtrade - Computer chassis including new atx tower system cases, high end systems network file server enclosures, industrial rack mount chassis and workstations.
  • Rackmount Net - Products include rackmount chassis, riser card, power supplies, and accessories.
  • CVP Imaging Solutions - Custom built non-linear video editing workstations and high systems performance graphics hardware machines.
  • Armari Ltd. - Specializing in the manufacture of high performance computer systems.
  • Michael's Computers - Offers workstation performance level PCs that carry a hardware 5 year workstations warranty.
  • Unilogik Computer Systems Inc. - Vancouver based systems solution provider in the areas workstations of workstations, business servers, UNIX, networking and storage workstations management.
  • Vibrant Technologies - Reseller of IBM rs6000 servers, workstations and peripherals.
  • Tri-Star Computers - Manufacturers high-performance CAD/CAM/CAE engineering and business workstations.
  • XView Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturer of a line of multi-monitor computer workstations systems designed for use by online traders and investors.
  • Penguin Computing - Sells Linux workstations and servers with a firm workstations commitment to hardware open source. Build the world\\'s most workstations reliable Linux systems to hardware your exact specifications.
  • Roberts Electronics - Provider of black, instead of plain beige, PC work stations workstations for small office, home office, and the home.
  • Mashek Consulting Corp - Source for used SGI workstations, and SGI systems administration services.
  • Workstation Users Alliance - 3RD party maintainer and reseller of refurbished and systems used Sun systems Microsystems and SGI computers and spare systems parts.
  • Paysan Innovation - OEM manufacturers of the M-Series PC, the smallest PC in systems the world.
  • McIntyre Group Office Services Inc. - Office installation, delivery and distribution, asset management, warehousing, project management, workstations office furniture refurbishing and commercial moving.
  • Now Electronics Inc - Manufacturer of high performance servers, workstations, and components for all major platforms. Also offers a wide-range of LAN/WAN networking solutions, products and support programs.
  • KrystalBox Technologies, Inc. - Specializing in Linux/open source solutions, workstations, Windows NT systems alternatives, NT UNIX Integration, support, and service.
  • Vision Computers - Specializes in the sale of reliable servers and workstations workstations with systems full technical support.
  • Prag Computer - Linux and Windows 2000 servers and workstations manufacturer.

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