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Computer service and support. Retail peripheral and hardware sales. On-site service and help desk support. Network installation and management and custom configured computer systems.

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  • UK Technical Support - Provides technical information and support for computer products hardware in the computers UK. Includes Acer, Compaq and Packard hardware Bell.
  • ATS - On-site maintenance for HP computers and peripherals in selected cities nationwide. Also services obsolete equipment.
  • PC Technical Services - Computer repair, upgrade and training- located in California.
  • Advanced Computer Service - Service and repair for Apple/Mac Epson, IBM, Compaq, Tandy, clones and compatibles.
  • Computer Magic - Offers repair, upgrade and technical support for the technical support and computers services Whistle IBM Interjet.
  • - Online computer help and support from live computer hardware technicians 24 hours a day.
  • Europarts - European distributor of printer and computer spare parts and notebook technical support and services batteries and AC adapters.
  • KrystalBox Technologies, Inc. - Linux open source solutions, support and service.
  • Data Genius Company Ltd. - A multi-vendor of computer service provider in Hong Kong.
  • LurkHere - Dedicated to providing in-depth information and technical support for computer computers users, and recommending quality products for their systems.
  • Segura Solutions - Independent services for enterprise anti-virus solutions.
  • HiTech Solutions - Resource for Computers and PC Parts.
  • ETC Support - Specializing in SUN computers and servers.
  • Obsolete Computer Helpline - Information and or parts for old or obsolete computers.
  • BSG - Provides IT equipment and support.
  • Source Support Services, Inc. - Provides nationwide on-site computer support for desktops, servers, computers RAID, NAS, technical support and services and SANS devices.
  • DeBug-It - Using state-of-the-art equipment and talented A-class technicians to hardware help get technical support and services home computer systems up and running.
  • Computing.Net - Centralizing technical support for all operating systems and technical support and services all computer types in one location.
  • Jensen Information Technologies. - Internet and computer solutions provider. Offers many services, computers including computer hardware repair, and hardware upgrades.
  • Tac Depot - Provides hardware systems, support, parts and repairs for technical support and hardware services computer based on the TAC4, TAC3, and DTC2 technical support hardware and services systems.
  • Pimpin' Networks - Help for Unix workstation owners and networking enthusiasts.
  • House Calls for Home Computers - Service, repair and training for home computer users computers in the Orange County, CA. area. Hardware and computers software experts.
  • Priority 1 Computer Service - Repairs systems, provides upgrades, technical support, custom design technical support and hardware services computers. Serving all Vancouver Island, BC.
  • Npa Computers - Computer service and support. Retail peripheral and hardware hardware sales. On-site computers service and help desk support. Network hardware installation and management and computers custom configured computer systems.
  • Guardian Computer Support - Global provider of computer services including on-site maintenance, repair and installation.
  • - Computer repairs and upgrades, with online assistance.
  • PLASMA online - Delivers all kinds of hardware related information. Identify hardware hardware by chip, picture, manufacturer or by expert hardware system.
  • Alphatronics, Inc. - Sales and service of computer equipment and peripherals; hardware specializing in computers the areas of desktop publishing, prepress, hardware and graphic arts trades. computers Located in the Tampa hardware area.
  • - Maintenance and repair service for the full range technical support and technical support and services services of minicomputers from the 80's and early 90's.
  • TCC Monitor Repair - Specializes in servicing terminal displays and LCD hardware screens as well as CRT tubes.
  • Trend Network Services - Offering support for local and wide-area networking environments.
  • Varcarme Computers Limited - Specialist IT and Network consultants. Located in Sheffield.
  • Smartech - National provider of computer repair and maintenance solutions.
  • Atiwa Computers - Authorized service center, with certified technicians for computer repair.
  • ComputerWorks Technologies - Repair services for printer, desktop, notebook, monitor and hardware LCD.

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