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Provides interX - synchronous GPS based I/O controller and interrupter for anodic or cathodic protection systems and real time wide area synchronous testings.

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  • Diolan - Provides U2C-12 USB-I2C/SPI/GPIO interface adapter
  • Fifo Electronics - Serial Port (RS232) analyzers for DOS and Windows. hardware Breakout boxes computers for serial analyzers
  • Treasure Coast Marketing Group - Offers a range of memory testing equipment.
  • Psiber Data Systems, Inc. - Expert tools for network including hand held test computers tool used hardware on Ethernet network segments to verify computers link operation.
  • Practical Design Group, LLC - Sells temperature humidity USB monitors. Software development for hardware automated test hardware equipment and data acquisition using GPIB, hardware serial, or parallel interfaces.
  • Danes-Picta - Producer of color and black and white test stripes and computers cards for optical and printing devices.
  • Axol Electronics Ltd. - Supply POST cards to aid in PC faultfinding.
  • Quality Thermistor, Inc. (QTI) - Provides quality thermistors and probes for temperature measurement and logging
  • ExacTest - Supplier of the BenchSystem programmable test and measure controller with hardware optional I/O modules.
  • Benedict Computer - Manufactures hand sized RS-232 and RS-422 test monitors. Used for data capturing, sniffing, and line diagnosis.
  • MicrotestSystem Inc. - Memory testers and testing solution for high speed DDR-II (DDR2), test equipment DDR-I (DDR1), SDRAM, flash memory and memory leakage.
  • Triad Spectrum - Offers solutions to computer memory module testing.
  • Barnes International Ltd - Manufactures and supplies test and analysis equipment for magnetic stripe cards, magnetic tickets and chip cards.
  • BreakingPoint Systems, Inc. - Manufactures test systems that generate high volumes of computers realistic enterprise test equipment application traffic to exercise content-aware network computers equipment.
  • Hobbes USA - Distributes cable testers, network testers, networking tools and surge suppression computers devices
  • Ultra-X - Develops and markets a range of PC diagnostic tools to hardware quickly troubleshoot core system components.
  • USBee - Provides mixed signal oscilloscope, logic analyzer, signal generator, frequency counter, test equipment using the USB bus.
  • Aristo Computers - Memory testers. The SIMCHECK memory testing line tests hardware SIMMs, DIMMs, test equipment and DRAMs.
  • Techmatron - Provides data acquisition and control interfaces for PC
  • Veriteq - Small battery-operated data loggers for recording temperature, relative humidity, current and voltage.
  • Devasys Embedded Systems - Provides USB I2C/IO interface board with 20 bits hardware of digital I/O, and an I2C interface
  • Video Products Inc. - Manufacturer of portable Montest line of RGB computer monitor tester hardware (video generators) and video splitters.
  • Total-Test Tools - Supplier of PC-Oscilloscopes, JTAG test tools, data loggers test equipment and hardware bench test tools.
  • Dimax - Provides SUB-20 multi interface USB adapter for I2C, hardware SPI, GPIO, RS232, RS485, Ir, LCD
  • CED Inc. - Provider of 4-32 channel PC based oscilloscopes with direct hardware connection to the printer port
  • Fluke - Manufacturer of electronic test and measurement tools, network test equipment troubleshooting equipment, cable testers, digital multimeters, calibration equipment.
  • Signametrics Corp. - Plug-in digital multimeters and switching modules for PCI, test equipment PXI and VXI systems.
  • EzTest - Provides PCI and AGP diagnostic cards, bus extenders hardware and memory computers adapters. CPU testing tools. PGA sockets.
  • Data Sync Engineering - Manufactures specialized test equipment like computer monitor testers, hardware data cable test equipment testers, and SCSI bus testers.
  • National Instruments (ASEAN) - Systems for test, control, and embedded design applications. Develops popular test equipment software tool - LabView.
  • Udimax - Provides interX - synchronous GPS based I/O controller test equipment and interrupter for anodic or cathodic protection systems test equipment and real time wide area synchronous testings.
  • SPEA Automatic Test Equipment - Designs and manufactures Automatic Test Equipment for microchips and electronic hardware boards.
  • Innovention Inc. - Memory testers for electronic memory devices.
  • Telos EDV Systementwicklung GmbH - Supplier of the I2C adapters products Tracii, Connii test equipment and test equipment others.

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