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Manufacturer of home automation control systems with two-way X-10, two-way infrared, 24 input/output ports, and video output displaying control/status screens on TV.

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  • Electronic Solutions Company - Designs custom home automation solutions. Reference design template home automation to home automation assist the homeowner in evaluating project scope.
  • Unitronics - Producer and marketer of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) home automation for industrial and home automation.
  • Visiomatic - Provides communicating touchscreen displays, PDA, remotes
  • Surf Networks Inc. - LonWorks Network Control Products; building, home and vehicle automation hardware products and manufacturers and software. Design, manufacturing and system integration services.
  • XDIMAX - Supplier of CoolMaster interface adapters for integrating VRV VRF home automation HVAC Systems with Home Automation controllers
  • AMX Corp. - Designer of Home Automation systems and equipment. (Nasdaq: AMXC)
  • Residential Control Systems, Inc - Automation and energy management control systems for residential home automation and light commercial buildings.
  • - Do-it-yourself home automation e-book for downloading, and links products and manufacturers home automation to various other products.
  • Cybrotech - Provides Ethernet and CAN controllers with free software home automation and open protocols.
  • Convergent Living - Manufacturer of smartscreens, controllers and related control peripherals home automation for home automation home systems.
  • Crestron Electronics, Inc. - Manufacturer of high-end control and automation solutions for computers corporate, residential products and manufacturers and educational markets.
  • Echelon - Complete wireless home automation system for managing home safety, security home automation and health via the Web.
  • Vantage Controls Inc - Manufacturer of home automation and lighting control equipment.
  • Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc. - Information on company and products, technical support documents products and manufacturers and retailer/contacts directories.
  • Philips Pronto - Home automation controllers and remotes manufactured and supported by Phlips
  • Custom Solutions, Inc. - Manufacturer of home automation control systems with two-way X-10, two-way products and manufacturers infrared, 24 input/output ports, and video output displaying control/status screens products and manufacturers on TV.
  • Channelvision Technologies - Provides a line of Digital RF Modulators for products and manufacturers home automation multiplying and distribution of audio/video signals in building.
  • Cytech Technology Pte Ltd - Manufactures an integrated security and home automation products with the computers telephone as the main user interface.
  • ELAN Home Systems - manufactures home automation, audio/video distribution, CCTV systems and intercom systems products and manufacturers for residences
  • Advanced Control Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturer of control interfaces and powerline control devices.
  • Habitek - Supplier of home automation and home entertainment equipment. HAL2000 distributor products and manufacturers ,X-10 and environmental controls.
  • MediaQuest Systems - Specializes in the development of audio, video and computers content distribution home automation throughout the home. USA.
  • Multimedia Max - Products to enhance the lives of the disabled home automation by home automation helping them to become more independent.
  • Discreet Systems - Manufacturer of custom design and installation company of audio, video, lighting and automation systems. Canada.
  • Archnet - Automatic meter reading systems, meter interface modules, and standalone and embedded PLC modems.
  • Intella-Home Inc. - Manufacturers of IntellaVoice and IntellaTest giving X-10 a computers voice.
  • Digihouse - Keyless entry, smart lighting, remote control, data and home automation entertainment computers networks, telephone interface and management features for home automation garden, pool computers and spa.
  • Control 4 - Makes home automation solutions and products such as computers home wide audio, and entertainment center with one computers universal remote.
  • Interact TV - Develops products that integrate television, stereo, and home home automation computers with cable or satellite and broadband connections home automation to provide a unified home entertainment library.
  • Quasar Electronics - Computer controlled relay boards, serial isolated I/O Boards home automation and home automation many other electronic kits and project kits home automation for the home automation computer.
  • Creative Control Concepts - Specialize in home automation and sells and supports home automation the computers entire HCS-II Home Automation Line.

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