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Home Automation Category Description Amongst those tasks to be automated are: Lights Security System Media (Video/Audio) HVAC (Heater / AC ) Consumer Electronics (TV, Amplifiers, DVD players etc...)

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See Also:
  • HomeSeer - Offers central control of lights, appliances and security systems from your PC.
  • ECS automation software - A general-purpose Windows/Linux automation program.
  • Heyu - Linux console based application to control various X10 based devices.
  • LinuxMCE - Linux Based home automation software. Managing media, lighting, security and home automation voip systems.
  • Home Automated Living - Controls your home through voice recognition or web access, supports software HVAC, telephony, infrared, Internet, X-10, and security.
  • HomeZIX - Windows based home automation with Z-Wave, Insteon and X10 support.
  • The Java X10 Project - Open Source Java API for managing an X10 hardware network.
  • EventGhost - Open source home automation application for Windows with support for X10.
  • Scott Crevier's Home Automation - Offers an X-10 Web Interface and X-10 Win95 QuikMenu techniques.
  • CQC - Distributed automation system controlling lights, security and media.
  • Girder - Windows based software that controls lights (X10, Insteon), software media (iTunes, home automation MCE), security systems (ElkM1) and applications software running on the PC.
  • HouseBot - Windows based automation application with support for X10 computers and Z-Wave
  • mControl - Windows Media Center based home automation software. Supporting computers a wide variety of hardware.
  • MisterHouse - Open source cross platform home automation application, supports computers X10, voice software recognition and several serial devices.
  • InHome Solutions - Provides automation and surveillance solutions for homes and software businesses.
  • XTension - Macintosh software for 2-way X10 home automation and security

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