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These are programs and websites designed to enhance or enable useful features not available in the usual AOL program and/or the AOL Suite of programs.

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  • PorkChup Solutions - AOL2Pop allows America Online members to access their e-mail with add-ons a standard MAPI e-mail client such as Outlook and Eudora add-ons e-mail or any other program that utilizes POP3/SMTP mail protocols.
  • Ignite Software - Add-ons and enhancements for AOL and AIM.
  • Trivium - An add-on for AOL which hosts a trivia add-ons quiz on any subject in an AOL chat add-ons room.
  • eNetBot Mail - POP3 SMTP agent to read and send AOL access providers mail add-ons from major POP3 mail clients like Outlook, access providers Eudora, Outlook add-ons Express and others.

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