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Canadian provider of global communication through satellite technology. Services include two-way high-speed Internet services for businesses and worldwide satellite phone services.

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See Also:
  • Intercom Online, Inc. - Full Service ISP providing two-way internet connectivity via satellite in the Continental US and the Caribbean.
  • Planetsky Satellite Internet - Provides Satellite Internet worldwide with a range of different products.
  • Satellite Internet - Cost-effective solutions for ISPs and corporate users.
  • MailASail - High speed text based email and web access, access providers for satellite and wireless users at sea and access providers ashore.
  • Broadsat - Multimedia solutions and services via satellite (streaming video, satellite fast internet, gateway and satellite routers). Open-Sky reseller.
  • Attitude Online - Offers Internet services for personal or business use.
  • Rartel SA Bucharest - Provider of satellite-based telecommunication channels servicing operations in internet Central and Eastern Europe. Services include dedicated leased internet lines, wireless connectivity, VSAT networks, and Internet services internet distribution.
  • Astrasat - Offers satellite Internet via satellite Astra.
  • DirectGlobal Communications - Offers broadband business satellite internet access nationally and internationally.
  • Worldwide internet via satellite beam coverages - Details of beams, coverage areas, dish sizes and transmit powers satellite required, frequency bands and contact details for service providers in satellite each area.
  • Novanet Communications - A satellite-based two-way internet service.
  • RAMTelecom Corporation - Canadian provider of global communication through satellite technology. satellite Services include two-way high-speed Internet services for businesses satellite and worldwide satellite phone services.
  • Broad Sky Networks - Offers broadband Internet satellite services.
  • Red Wheeler Associates - Provide transportable satellite downlink services for corporate videoconferences access providers and the broadcasting industry. Features information on equipment access providers and photographs of past events.
  • Contact LLC - Teleport C and Ku-Band satellite broadcast transmission and satellite playout services. Provider of broadband IP data, VoIP satellite and Video satellite links to fiber POP covering satellite U.S. (inc Alaska) and Latin America.
  • Kemsat - Connection by satellite
  • Remote Work Central - Remote and mobile telework solutions. Satellite, fixed wireless and internet wired solutions. VPN support. VoIP.
  • OptiStreams Inc. - 2-Way Satellite Internet Service Provider supplying High Speed internet Internet Access satellite via satellite. Offers a satellite networking internet solution for internet networks
  • Ground Control - Specializes in stationary and mobile broadband satellite solutions access providers for internet business use.
  • EHC Communications - Provider of high speed telecommunications and satellite internet access providers services satellite in Puerto Rico.
  • JrSat - Internet Access via Satellite. Telecommunications solutions via satellite. internet DirecWay for access providers Videoconferencing, Internet access, VoIp, and Distance internet Learning.
  • Airwerx - Offers satellite access solutions for the Internet, including internet VoIP and internet VPN. Support to USA and Canada.
  • AVC Broadband Ltd. - Offers Internet access via satellite as well as access providers digital access providers satellite TV.
  • UUPlus - Provides single and multi-user email accounts for individuals and groups who need reliable satellite email access.
  • Web Sat Ltd. - Provider broadband two-way satellite communications system, covering Iceland, satellite Western Europe and the Middle East.
  • Satellite Communication Systems, Inc. - International telecommunications carrier providing communications, bandwidth, internet and internet network services via satellite to customers worldwide.
  • Hebron Internet Network ISP - The first ISP in Hebron District in Palestine, internet it satellite was established in 1998
  • DirecPC - Provides internet access and equipment throughout the United internet States.
  • Connexstar by Spacenet - Connexstar provides broadband two-way VSAT satellite-based IP networking/Internet access to satellite small and medium enterprises anywhere in the US.
  • Virgin Technologies Inc. - Providing Satellite Internet Service in Canada for single, internet multiple users and network environments.
  • StarBand Communications Inc. - Provide a two-way, always-on, high-speed satellite Internet service. Includes system satellite technology and where to buy.
  • Lamit Company - Offers broadband satellite Internet services in Europe, Africa and the access providers Middle East. Implements Voip solutions and satellite telecommunications. Also offers access providers a support forum.
  • Xplornet Internet Services - Wireless and satellite high speed internet access in Canada.
  • Net2dish Direcway Warehouse Outlet - Warehouse outlet pricing for Hughes Direcway Satellite Internet Equipment and Service.
  • Broadband Ontario Incorporated - Two way high speed broadband Internet service provider, access providers featuring Hughes and C-Com Direcway fixed and mobile access providers satellite technology satellite and other solutions from Canada. access providers Terrestrial T1, frame relay and 1.54 Mbs wireless access providers solutions too.
  • BizarNet - Offering satellite internet service for Europe, Middle East internet and Africa.
  • AgriStar Global Networks - A broadband satellite and high-speed agricultural information service internet for the internet agricultural industry.
  • Emperion - Broadband solution provider in Copenhagen, Denmark. Offers IP communication and distribution based on intelligent, fully integrated broadband network infrastructure and applications.

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