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Allows to copy smiles and punctuation from ICQ message log window. Supports all types of smiles, custom graphics and inserts text as graphics where it is possible.

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  • KXicq2 - An ICQ client for KDE2.
  • Capture Text - Helps copy and paste messages from ICQ chat tools window to icq clipboard in Text or Rich Text tools Format (RTF). This is icq useful when you cannot tools copy chat text using standard function icq because ICQ tools doesn't copy smiles and annotations.
  • Capcha - Allows to copy smiles and punctuation from ICQ tools message log icq window. Supports all types of smiles, tools custom graphics and inserts icq text as graphics where tools it is possible.
  • cliMM - Text-based ICQ client supporting the new v8 ICQ icq protocol, including tools v8 direct (peer to peer) connections icq and file transfer. It tools is translated to several icq languages languages, including Spanish, German, Russian, tools French.
  • Ufasoft Snif - Sniffs ICQ, AIM, IRC, MSN and email messages icq across a LAN in real time. Includes ARP icq spoofer which allows you to capture network traffic icq behind switch-hubs. Includes Windows and Linux versions.
  • Communication Tube - Free web-client for the popular instant messaging networks which currently icq supports ICQ, MSN Messenger and Google Talk.
  • TJAT Mobile Instant Messaging - WAP-based ICQ client that can be used from mobile phones.
  • ICQ2Go - Web-based version of ICQ enabling users to log on through tools computers that don't have ICQ installed.

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