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ICQ Groups* - Official page enabling the user to browse by category. Sort by most active, newest, or most popular.

  • Submariners ICQ Users List - List for keeping in touch with current and former Submariner icq shipmates.
  • ICQ K-9 Police List - Helping in communication between Police and Military K-9 personnel.
  • Pregnancy and Parenting ICQ - Directory and list for pregnant moms and parents.
  • Hifi-Stereo Contact List - List bringing together users who talk about and get information icq on Hifi-Stereo systems.
  • ICQ Norway - Enabling communication with or between Norwegians.
  • AEK Internet Fan Club - User lists bringing together fans of the Greek icq football team.
  • Chinese Zodiac ICQ List - Teaching users their Chinese Zodiac animal signs and listing them accordingly.
  • Balynce is What You Need - Site with user lists for ten different artists user lists (Bjork, user lists Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Peter Gabriel, Sammy user lists Hagar, INXS, user lists Alanis Morissette, Pearl Jam, Prince and user lists Savage Garden).
  • Railfans & Model Railroaders ICQ List - List bringing rail enthusiasts and model railroaders together.
  • I Seek You I Mother Earth - Listing of users who are fans of Canadian user lists band I Mother Earth.
  • Moo CQ - List for cow lovers. Also offers cow related wallpapers, icons, and skins for software such as Winamp and ICQ.

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