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A client that is developed as a successor to winjab, it aims to be a end user client with a smaller interface.

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See Also:
  • Pandion - Client designed for usability, standards compliance and security, clients including automatic connection encryption, custom emoticons, avatars and clients text markup.
  • Akeni - A client that provides a familiar, MSN Messenger jabber like, interface to Jabber communications.
  • Jarl - Jarl is a Perl/Tk feature-packed, cross-platform client that runs on software all major platforms.
  • Ultimate Jabber Client - Client with many features made for users who clients are new software to the Jabber community.
  • WinJab - Windows client that is under the GPL.
  • Exodus - A client that is developed as a successor to winjab, clients it aims to be a end user client with a clients smaller interface.
  • neosmt - Multi-protocol IM client with Jabber, VoIP, digital whiteboard and file software transfer support.
  • QTJim Project - Cute client using the QT toolkit. Freely available, jabber licensed under software the GPL.
  • JabberFoX - A client for Mac OS X. An clients open source jabber instant messaging system fully based on clients XML.
  • JabberBeans - Standalone Java client application and applet which aims jabber to create software a base layer for applications to jabber be "Jabberised" quickly and software easily.
  • Spark IM Client - Free, secure, cross-platform XMPP client with built-in group clients chat, telephony clients integration and tabbed conversations.
  • Hackamore Jabber Client - Hackamore is a client written with FLTK Gui jabber Toolkit with C++.
  • Yabber - Windows IM application based on the Jabber protocol.
  • JabberPalm - Am open source client for the Palm platform, software not maintained since 2001.
  • Psi Jabber Client - Psi is a multi platform client currently available clients for Windows, jabber Linux and Mac. It mimics the clients looks of Licq.
  • Web Jabber - Web-based open source client written in Java.
  • Chatopus - Jabber/XMPP client on Palm OS platform. Supports transports jabber and real-time software news via RSS feeds.
  • Gabber - A robust and premiere GNOME Jabber client. Written in C++ jabber using GTK+, Gnome and the Jabberoo C++ Jabber client library.
  • Smack API - XMPP client library for Java.
  • Tkabber - A client written in TCL, it supports JEP-38 jabber style Jabber software icon-sets.
  • Jabberzilla - Client plug-in for Mozilla, written with XUL and clients Javascript languages.
  • Centova Instant Messenger - Full-featured, cross-platform instant messaging client which requires no software installation, running entirely from a web browser.
  • JabberX - A console-mode client for the Jabber platform. jabber (GNU license)
  • Enigma Squared - Java2 compliant client featuring plugins and focusing on user friendliness and ease-to-use.
  • mJabber - Instant messaging client for mobile phones, PDAs or other wireless devices.
  • Jabberwocky - Presentation of an open source client for Amiga clients computers with software FAQ and download.
  • Freetalk - Freetalk is an extensible console client.
  • BuddySpace - Open source Jabber-based instant messenger written in Java software that adds customisable graphical metaphors for presence.
  • imov Messenger - A Windows CE client for the Jabber instant messaging system.
  • Jabber Web Chat - A web-based client written using AJAX technology. It supports basic jabber instant messaging, roster management and groupchats based on the MUC protocol.
  • Coccinella - A client with whiteboard communication. Windows, Mac and jabber Unix/Linux support.
  • NewtJab - A client for the Apple Newton.
  • Jabbernaut - A Macintosh client based on MacJLib.
  • JeweL - Client written with Perl/GTK+ using the Net::Jabber perl modules.

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