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Add-ons are modifications that provide extra functionalities for Windows Live Messenger and MSN Messenger.

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  • WLM OSD Plugin - On screen display plugin that display messages received contacts directly add-ons on screen.
  • MSN Pictures Displayer - Freeware which enables to display in a slideshow pictures as instant messaging Messenger avatars.
  • Messenger Plus! Extension - Adds extra functionalities to MSN Messenger, including logging, personalized away, instant messaging boss key and alpha blending.
  • Windows Live Messenger Khalid Edition - Unofficial add-on for Windows Live Messenger offering additional add-ons features such add-ons as multi-line nicknames.
  • Messenger Discovery Live - Provides add on which includes enhanced features such as tools, message formatting and alerts.
  • StuffPlug - Adds extra functionalities to Windows Live Messenger including add-ons Content Stealer msn messenger and ActionText.

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