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Telnet is logging into a UNIX machine through an internet or intranet. This category has a listing of telnet servers which allow chat through their machine using telnet.

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  • ChatNFiles BBS - Has a telnet-based chat/e-mail server and a web/FTP-based telnet downloads area. internet The telnet-able Dragon Chat server provides telnet "action", nickname registration, dynamic internet chat room creation and telnet internal e-mail. It can also support internet connecting to telnet an IRC chann
  • Space bar - Telnet chat based on the hyperreal server.
  • Crazylands Talker - Multi command aliases, user socials, a few games including draughts, full twinkles support, and full dynamic spodlist.
  • Tw's Talker - A Telnet Chat Community - English speaking with an international mix of chatters. telnet Includes information on connecting, regular chatters, and other telnet relative pages.
  • Enchantment Under the Sea - A telnet talker with many games, features, and chat users.

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