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  • Cafezee - Offering Internet cafe software to manage billing, monitoring, security and internet reporting.
  • MyCafeCyo - Management software for internet cafes, gaming cafes, hotel cybercafes cafes, and other types of PC rental business.
  • Cyber Café Manager - Offering administration and monitoring software solutions for Internet software cafés. cybercafes Runs on Windows.
  • - Offers cybercafe management software and affiliate program.
  • Dijitanix CafePilot - A cross-platform (Windows and Linux) client/server application that software handles time-billing internet and products/services ordering in a cafe.
  • ViBersoft - Windows based billing software for Internet cafe management. cybercafes Includes software API to expand functionality with custom cybercafes functions.
  • Easybrowsing - Provides CyberCafe Billing Software, LanNet Biller, Hotel Internet software Biller, and Net2phone devices.
  • CyberLeader - Software to manage usage, billing and security in a cybercafe cybercafes or Internet gaming center.
  • Cafe Cop - Handles billing, management, security, logging and remote control features for cybercafes Internet cafes. Runs on Windows.
  • Smartlaunch - Cafe management software for Internet cafes and gaming software centers.
  • HandyCafe - CyberCafe management software including monitoring, membership accounting, firewall, internet and reporting.
  • LappaSoft Ltd. - Offers Internet cafe Administrator for managing, maintenance, and control of internet cafes.
  • CafeSuite - Cyber cafe management software. Find product information, bug software reports and a free demo.
  • Cyntopic - Provides web design and Cyntopic, a software suite for cybercafés.
  • Cyber Monitor - Offering Windows based billing software for Internet cafes. cybercafes Includes software prepaid cards, usage or time based cybercafes billing and reports.

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