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Cards featuring the paintings of Nicole Schneider. Includes cats, teddy bear, birthday cake, flowers, angels, Paris monuments, and merry go rounds.

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  • Knightlyart - Featuring the drawings of Zora Knight. Images e-mail include faeries, e-greetings Xena, Ares, and Gabrielle. Select e-mail background music.
  • Digitaldrawn Ecards - Features pen and ink drawings, digital art, photos, and animated e-greetings cartoons from different artists. With or without text in e-greetings English and Dutch.
  • Cherry-Cards - Virtual Cards featuring photographs and illustrations by the e-mail artist.
  • Footlights Design - Selection of designs by Peter Eastman.
  • - Cards featuring the paintings of Nicole Schneider. fine art Includes e-mail cats, teddy bear, birthday cake, flowers, angels, fine art Paris monuments, e-mail and merry go rounds.
  • - Images of original gargoyles by the artist Walter S. Arnold.
  • Art Postcards - Organized by subject, style and country featuring a e-greetings search function.
  • Taschen eCards - A collection of select images from art books e-mail featuring photos and illustrations.
  • Eazle Web Cards - Categories of photos and art including animals, candid, e-mail people, plants, fine art romance, posters, space and sports.
  • Dream Castle Designs - Surreal and Fantasy art on greeting cards.
  • - Offers original designs featuring animated kaleidescope-like images. Also choices of e-greetings music.
  • - Features photographs and fantasy illustrations on free ecards e-greetings by UK e-greetings Artists. Photo categories include dogs, flowers e-greetings and landscapes.
  • Life Celebrations - Ecards featuring kid\'s art. Customize with background and e-mail message.
  • Victorian e Greetings - An index to galleries of birthday, friendship, humorous, e-mail travel, holidays e-greetings and thank you classic paintings.
  • Rail Greetings - Presents railroad and train paintings by different artists.
  • Olga Wiese - Official online database featuring the paintings of the artist.
  • Urban Angels - A gallery of illustrated ecards. By Marc Rogmans.
  • Zebedee Creations - A select choice of images for birthdays, fine art fun, fine art everyday and one for bon voyage.
  • Vignette - Features architecture, design, and art.
  • Elibron - Galleries of paintings, photographs and illustration. Includes a catalogue of e-greetings vintage Christmas cards and a wit and wisdom section of e-greetings suggested messages.
  • Ed Stastny - Collection of drawings, animations and digital collages. Subjects include fine art robots, animals, women, faces, abstracts.
  • Horror Greetings - Galleries of devils, reapers, skulls, vampires, werewolves and monsters. Illustrations fine art by Thomas A. Arensberg.
  • Sea Priestess - A gallery of drawings.
  • Business Greeting Cards - Free or customized greeting cards in classical, abstract fine art or inspirational style.
  • Ze-Card - Featuring fine art prints and animated designs. Categories fine art include e-greetings occasions, photos, and artists.
  • Art Cards - Galleries of featured artists. Includes Magritte, Picasso, Dali, e-greetings Michelangelo, fine art Klee, Rousseau, and Van Gogh.
  • Craig Robertsons Fine Art E Cards - Contemporary figure paintings, drawings, digital art and photography. Features artist's bio.
  • Francesco Boretti - Featuring abstract expressionist paintings. Add classical music.
  • Star Goddess Postcards - A gallery of Georgia O\\'Keefe\\'s flower paintings. Add e-greetings music and e-mail poetry.
  • Zmartecards - Religious and fine art ecards featuring pictures available from various fine art styles including Renaissance, Impressionism, and Modern.

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