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DESCRIPTION - Offers customizable virtual greeting cards with a "humorous" theme.

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See Also:
  • Pimpdaddy's PimpCards - A selection of ecards on the theme.
  • Wicked Funny - A collection of animated and just for fun e-greetings e-cards and humor games.
  • Digital Inbox - Find funny video ecards for lots of different occasions. Features young women being goofy and sexy.
  • - Featuring Christmas, football and golf cartoons.
  • - Features attitudes, angry, love, flirting and smart greetings.
  • - Comic greetings in Flash animation featuring bird\'s and e-greetings other droppings.
  • - Send high quality, free, flash animated greeting cards.
  • - Featuring animated cats and piano playing mice, a small collection of unique designs for every day occasions.
  • World of Experience - Topics include birth, get well, furious, holidays, new job, hate humor and love.
  • DeepTrench - Cartoony ecards for occasions and holidays. Offers premium and free humor collections.
  • Dancing Cards - Selections of dancers and music.
  • Here and There - A collection of political and humorous cards spanning e-greetings more than humor 30 years
  • Yomcards - Interactive Flash designs featuring bunny, fleur, snowflakes, and e-mail mister bad e-mail luck.
  • - Features ecards, wavs, and jokes.
  • Freaky- Flash - Interactive animated Flash e-cards with funny sound effects.
  • Puppet Greetings - Video cards. Includes anniversary, birthdays, office, funny, get e-greetings well, good luck and Valentine's Day.
  • Sign Generators - Create a custom sign message to print or e-mail send to a friend.
  • - Galleries of photos and cartoons, men and women. e-mail Features holidays e-mail and personal events. Membership required.
  • Demotivate Fun - Features a collection of motivational poster spoofs that e-mail can be sent as ecards.
  • Rubber Chicken Cards - A collection of cartoon animated greetings for all occasions.
  • - Features an archive of paper postcards. Includes the e-greetings original captions and credits. Humorous commentary.
  • You Have BO - Anonymous body odor email notification service.
  • - Free video ecards featuring unique, colorful live action characters. Features designs for holidays and every day occasions.
  • Bogblocker - Send a light hearted insult or a monster birthday card humor to anyone with an email address.
  • - Send free animated ecards for all occasions.
  • Wrongcards - Offering a selection of twisted postcards for birthdays, e-greetings and non-traditional humor occasions.
  • Send A Player - Build funny talking soccer themed ecards and send them for free.
  • Talkin Toons - Cartoon greetings and animations for love, birthdays, hello and holidays.
  • Fun Punch - Send free Flash animated e-cards for holidays, birthdays, e-mail and occasions.
  • Lame Cards - A collection of unique designs featuring stupid humor humor for all occasions.
  • - A collection of funny pictures and occasion greetings e-greetings for holidays e-mail and everyday. Paper versions available.
  • Evil Dead Clown Greetings - Offers sentiments including feeling blue, sign the contract, and come e-mail and play.
  • Jokes Gallery - Funny jokes, pictures and flash movies that can humor be sent humor as e-cards.
  • Funny Ecards - Features static, animated as well as Flash ecards for all e-greetings occasions.
  • Rainbow Animations - Features a gallery of animated designs for various humor occasions.
  • CardVibes - Flash animated e-cards featuring birthdays, sunny, love, monsters, space freaks and the great hunter. Includes step by step instructions.

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