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Offers two-way discussion lists and one-way announcement lists with web-based tools for maintaining subscribers, sending messages, and features like timed delivery, custom autoreplies and advanced list management.

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  • VoiceGateway - List hosting using Lyris software. Web-based and email-based hosted services administration hosted services available.
  • I.S. MAX - Web-based hosting includes subscriber forms, password-protected administration control panel, database management, and automated responses.
  • MailerMailer - Hosting and management service with detailed tracking and reports for e-mail newsletters and marketing campaigns.
  • Coollist - Free web-based moderated and unmoderated mailing lists.
  • Newsletter Administrator - A pay-per-send service for plain, html or html hosted services inline newsletters.
  • Topica - A free service that allows you to find, e-mail manage and mailing lists participate in email lists and discussion e-mail groups.
  • Planet X Mail - Offers safelist and newsletter hosting services.
  • ListCast - Offers list hosting services of varying configuration and hosted services price. mailing lists Includes quick tour, tutorials, and details of hosted services features.
  • GraphicMail - Web-based application for designing, managing and sending graphical newsletters.
  • BigList - Features include web-based management tools, flat-rate pricing, and e-mail virtual list hosted services service.
  • EZ Ezine - Newsletter hosting and list management service.
  • WeBeLists - Hosting service using Lyris.
  • Willco Limited - Provides list hosting services and technology.
  • Domeus - Discussion groups in a number of different languages.
  • Binhost - Mailman list hosting services with discounts for non-profit e-mail customers.
  • SparkLIST - Hosting and management services for email newsletters, announcement hosted services lists e-mail and discussion lists.
  • Yahoo! Groups - Search for, browse, create, or join a group.
  • Savicom - Web-based list management and delivery service designed for mailing lists high hosted services volume message delivery.
  • MyMailout - Offers pay services to create, send and manage email newsletters.
  • My Email Lists - Lets you fully manage and send email to mailing lists multiple mailing lists lists of people.
  • - Service includes telephone support for listowners.
  • Dundee Internet Services - Reliable and affordable hosting using Lyris. Specializes in very large, high volume, commercial lists.
  • TridentList - Offers low-cost list management services.
  • List Builder - Web-based service from Microsoft for sending newsletters and announcements in hosted services HTML.
  • @Once - Full-service, permission e-mail campaign hosting.
  • FreeLists - Provides free mailing lists to all Internet and technology-related groups e-mail and topics. Features searchable archives and web-based management.
  • ListChannel - Features include ratings, subscriber reviews, MyChannel, recommend it hosted services links hosted services and detailed listings.
  • Felist.Com - Free mailing list service. Provides an opportunity to e-mail receive information hosted services by email, on a pager and e-mail phone.
  • Warp 9 E-mail Marketing System - A web-based e-mail campaign and list management system hosted services designed for high performance and reliability.
  • Listat = List + Stat - A free, professional package to discover mailing mailing lists list e-mail demographics.
  • NotifyList - Provides free one-way mailing list hosting and management services.
  • Listbox Mailing Lists - Offers two-way discussion lists and one-way announcement lists mailing lists with web-based tools for maintaining subscribers, sending messages, mailing lists and features like timed delivery, custom autoreplies and mailing lists advanced list management.
  • Your Mailinglist Provider - This particular provider is free of cost and is available mailing lists in three different languages.
  • A-List Hosting - Offers opt-in announcement and discussion list hosting. Site mailing lists features e-mail listserve information, online demo, resources and partner mailing lists program.
  • eList eXpress - Services include processing failed mail, managing archives, and hosted services a single volume-based rate.

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