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Two e-CRM customer service products: an interactive, integrated e-service suite (Self-help, email, and chat); and a customer survey response tool.

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  • RightNow Technologies - Two e-CRM customer service products: an interactive, integrated internet e-service suite e-mail (Self-help, email, and chat); and a internet customer survey response tool.
  • Logical Ware, Inc. - Developer of Mailmanager, an email response solution for internet businesses.
  • AnswerTool - Stores and organizes frequently used replies, then lets e-mail you reuse response tools them instantly in email or on e-mail the Web. Free trial. response tools [Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP]
  • ReplyMate - An Outlook 2000 add-on with which users can e-mail store standard response tools texts and attachments and paste these e-mail into their emails when response tools needed. [Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME]
  • PromaSoft - Windows autoresponder software which delivers automatic responses to e-mail incoming mail internet messages.
  • - Allows you to put forms on your web response tools site response tools which can supply your email autoresponses to response tools visitors, for response tools free.
  • - Offer email delivery notifications and tracking reports.
  • AutoResponse Plus - Sequential autoresponder software for web sites. Runs only on response tools Unix or Linux. Requires Perl 5.005+ and sendmail.
  • Guide to Email Autoresponders - Articles and reviews which help choose and use autoresponders for internet use on web sites.
  • VisNetic MailFlow - Web-based software for Windows, allowing automated responses and tracking, and e-mail including a standard responses function.

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