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SpamAssassin* - Open Source mail filter, written in Perl, to identify spam using a wide range of heuristic tests on mail headers and body text. Free software. Can be used as a standalone mail filter, or from procmail. Site includes download, news, FAQ, and documentatio

  • SpamAssassin sa-update Channel - Update server hosted by OpenProject, including the recommended rules from spam the SpamAssassin Rules Emporium. Includes usage instructions.
  • SpamAssassin: A Practical Guide to Integration and Configuration - Online edition of a book by Alistair McDonald. Includes chapter spamassassin summaries, and the full text from two chapters.
  • Exchange SpamAssassin SMTP Sink - Article by Christopher Lewis, describing how to implement SA mail filtering with MS Exchange using a custom Event Sink. Includes source code and installation program to download.
  • SpamAssassin Wiki - User contributed documentation, testimonials, tricks and tips for filtering the mail filtering software.
  • SpamAssassin Bugzilla - Bug-tracking system for the SpamAssassin mail filtering project.
  • SpamAssassin Rules Emporium - A community-maintained collection of custom rules for SpamAssassin.
  • SpamAssassin - Book by Alan Schwartz. Description, reviews, table of spamassassin contents, and short preview texts.
  • Wikipedia: SpamAssassin - Encyclopedia article about the mail filtering software, including history and details of the various techniques employed.

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