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Would you cheerfully open your e-mail in-box to all the spam you can stand in exchange for a cut-rate ISP account? [CNN]

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  • On the beat with the Internet spam cops - [CNN]
  • Spammers jump gun on legislation - Spammers claim legitimacy with disclaimers that imply their news and media mass emailings comply with the Consumer Antislamming Act. news and media [CNET]
  • The war for your e-mail box - Do we need anti-spam laws? Some Net veterans think the unthinkable. [Salon 21st]
  • Three ways to spamproof your in-box - PROBLEM: You\\'re drowning in unsolicited e-mail messages. 1998 SOLUTION: Filter your incoming e-mail, contact your 1998 Internet service provider, and hunt down the culprits. 1998 [CNN]
  • Antislamming act draws fire - A House Commerce subcommittee today approved by voice vote the news and media Consumer Antislamming Act, containing controversial provisions aimed at protecting Net news and media users from junk email that antispammers say actually legitimize spam. news and media [CNET]
  • Political Spamming - In a pioneering move that may herald the dawn of news and media the cyber-campaign, hundreds of thousands of Californians will soon begin news and media hearing from political candidates via e-mail.
  • Would you accept spam in exchange for lower Net costs? - Would you cheerfully open your e-mail in-box to all the spam spam you can stand in exchange for a cut-rate ISP spam account? [CNN]
  • E-mail overload drives many users bananas - Try to imagine your e-mail in-box accumulating 300 news and media 1998 to 600 messages - not while you are news and media 1998 away on vacation, but every day. [CNN]
  • Reward offered to find spammer - Wanted: One spammer. Reward offered. A San Diego spam software engineer 1998 whose had it with people using spam his domain name "live.net" 1998 to send out spam spam is offering a $100 reward to 1998 anyone who spam can deliver the offending parties--or at least their 1998 spam names--to
  • ORBS antispam site shut down - The war on unsolicited email suffered a setback news and media news and media this week as a spam-blocking site was bounced news and media news and media off the Web. [News.com]
  • Settlement in First Antispam Law - Stan Smith of Salem, Oregon, had never heard of junk email, let alone "spam" or any laws banning it. He just wanted to spread the word about Tahitian noni juice, which he says is pretty much a miracle cure for a wide variety of ailments. [CNET]
  • I Don't Like Spam - by Jeff Johnson [CPSR]
  • When is email marketing spam? - Like it or not, email is still the best way to reach a mass online audience--and even community sites and online services are willing to use it. [CNET]

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