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Against both spam and viruses, the best defense is still a well-protected network or PC. It seems that spammers have used the holiday season to increase their e-mail intrusions on our inboxes by 1,000 percent since Thanksgiving.

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  • MSNBC: World's Top 10 Spammers - A list of names of and bios of news and media 2003 the top ten spammers as of summer 2003.
  • CNET.com: MSN blocks e-mail from rival ISPs - Microsoft\\'s MSN said its e-mail services had blocked some incoming spam messages from rival Internet service providers earlier this week, after spam their networks were mistakenly banned as sources of junk mail.
  • BBC News: Spam 'turning people off e-mail' - People are starting to use e-mail less because 2003 of spam, a study finds, though some click 2003 on unsolicited messages.
  • CNET.com: Spam suits seek poetic justice - Antispam company Habeas is suing bulk e-mailers, accusing them of news and media using its poetry without permission in an unusual use of news and media trademark law to clamp down on spammers.
  • Newsfactor: Malware and Spam in the New Year - Against both spam and viruses, the best defense news and media is still a well-protected network or PC. It news and media seems that spammers have used the holiday season news and media to increase their e-mail intrusions on our inboxes news and media by 1,000 percent since Thanksgiving.
  • Wired: Net Gurus Rally Anti-Spam Forces - The Internet Research Task Force, the closest thing 2003 the Internet spam has to a governing body for 2003 all matters technical, inaugurated spam the Anti-Spam Research Group 2003 this week to develop "a taxonomy spam of the 2003 (spam) problem and the proposed solutions."
  • MSNBC: In the trenches of the 'spam wars' - For those serving on the front lines of 2003 the bruising news and media battle over junk e-mail spam is 2003 also is the root news and media of the hardball legal 2003 tactics, hacking, harassment and death threats news and media that are 2003 the hazards of their chosen vocation.
  • CNET.com: Spam blocker charges for e-mail - An Australian entrepreneur has created what may be news and media news and media the first antispam service that lets its users news and media news and media charge for the privilege of sending them e-mail.
  • The Age: Spam, spam, virus, porn and spam on spam - The e-mail system is wilting under the attack spam of confidence tricksters and the mad inventors of spam viruses, warns Garry Barker.
  • SearchSecurity.com: In the spammer's lair - "As long as people buy the products, I\\'ll keep sending news and media mail," said Ron Scelson, who is dubbed the "Cajun Spammer."
  • CNET.com: AT&T spam filter loses valid e-mail - AT&T WorldNet this week activated a risky spam-filtering technique that spam it shortly had to defuse after subscribers discovered they were spam losing legitimate e-mail.
  • The Guardian: Spam, spam, spam and spam? Not for much longer - The government is planning a clampdown on e-mail news and media spam, demanding that companies obtain consumers\\' permission before news and media sending them marketing material via the internet.
  • Wired: Spam Offers: Some Legit, Most Not - The human gene pool should be incapable of spam producing enough news and media idiots to financially support the vast spam number of spammers whose news and media scat litters so many spam inboxes. Turns out, most spammers make news and media money selling spam e-mail addresses to other spammers, who then sell news and media spam those s
  • CNET.com: Standards group takes aim at spam - An influential Internet standards-setting body has begun a news and media spam close scrutiny of the mounting problem of e-mail news and media spam spam, in an effort that could have broad-ranging news and media spam implications for future e-mail use and security.
  • internetnews.com: DMA Urges Schumer to Drop Do-Not-E-mail List Clause - The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) yesterday urged its members to 2003 ask New York Sen. Charles Schumer to drop his proposal 2003 for a do-not-e-mail registry.
  • FOXNews.com: Consumer Groups Seek to Put a Can on Spam - E-mail users seeking relief from spam - unsolicited ads, commercials spam and promotions that frequently fill up online mailboxes - should spam not count on help from Congress this year.
  • Wired: Spam Confab: Hackers to Rescue? - Hackers from around the world will converge on spam MIT on 2003 Friday to swap intelligence and marshal spam their collective brainpower for 2003 the fight against a spam seemingly indomitable opponent. This time it\\'s 2003 not Microsoft, spam DirecTV or the Recording Industry Association o
  • CNET.com: Group to field spam-filter complaints - A group of e-mail marketers on Tuesday set up an Internet forum for people to air grievances about spam filters--which can swallow legitimate messages along with the targeted commercial come-ons.
  • MSNBC: Has the spam dam really burst? - Spam, some say, has gotten so bad that news and media 2003 it\\'s on the verge of killing e-mail. But news and media 2003 if the Internet sky really is falling, why news and media 2003 doesn't someone do something?
  • BBC News: The most annoying spam of 2002 - The most annoying spam purported to pass on to people news and media free passwords for sex sites that usually levy a charge news and media to look beyond the front page.
  • seattlepi.com: Microsoft-backed bill would dilute spam law, state says - The state Attorney General\\'s Office has convinced lawmakers that a news and media proposal being pushed by Microsoft Corp. would weaken Washington\\'s landmark news and media law against unwanted and misleading e-mail.
  • CNET.com: Porn spam--legal minefield for employers - Lewd e-mail promoting pornography may soon pose more than just a technical challenge in the ongoing fight against spam--experts say it\'s set to become an acute legal problem, too.
  • PCWorld: It's Open Season on Spammers - The problem of spam--how to get rid of spam it, how news and media to track down the senders, and spam whether to prosecute those news and media spammers--has dominated many discussions spam at the third annual Privacy and news and media Data Security spam Summit here this week.
  • SFGate: Bill seeks to stem spam - Could California lead the nation into a spam-free news and media future? Or at least one where appreciably fewer news and media unwanted pitches for porn, anatomical enhancements and cheapo news and media printer cartridges flood our electronic inboxes? 2003.02.24
  • SFGate.com: But we don't like spam - Junk e-mail detested, polls find - Nearly 9 out of 10 Americans who use e-mail at news and media work support legislation that would require warning labels on sexually news and media explicit or pornographic spam and establish criminal penalties for spam news and media that contains misleading information about the identity of the se
  • internetnews.com: DMA Releases International Anti-Spam Law Summary - The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) released a summary of the spam laws in 41 countries and the European Union.
  • CNET.com: The DMA's doublespeak on spam - Robert Wientzen, president of the Direct Marketing Association, has an news and media unusual view of what types of junk e-mail qualify as news and media spam.
  • Wired: Going to Extremes to Fight Spam - On Monday, the two co-founders of AvantGo launched spam a new spam spam filter that takes the most spam drastic anti-spam approach possible: spam Users only receive e-mail spam from people on a list of spam pre-approved senders.
  • CNET.com: Antivirus firm takes on junk e-mail - Antivirus company Trend Micro is jumping into the spam antispam fray, spam unveiling new software it hopes will spam help information technology managers spam protect their workers from spam an increasing barrage of unwanted messages.
  • CNET.com: Microsoft going after Hotmail spammers - Microsoft is turning up the heat on spam, news and media news and media filing a lawsuit to go after people it news and media news and media suspects of having harvested e-mail addresses from its news and media news and media Hotmail servers to spam subscribers.
  • USA Today: Idaho man takes junk e-mail senders to court - Kevin Wilson is on a mission to rid news and media spam his e-mail of unwanted electronic advertisements.

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